Apprenticeship Portal

The apprenticeship portal is an online tool used for culinary apprenticeship and training programs to streamline and track skills, as well as reinforce knowledge competencies through easy-to-understand text and images.

Students can use their mobile phones to record the skills competencies associated with their training track, ledger hours and review relevant subject knowledge pages. Supervising chefs and instructors can review and approve skills and track student progress through the program.

The apprenticeship portal can be used as part of an ACFEF-recognized program or as an independent training tool for culinary programs. The skills and knowledge competencies in the Apprenticeship Portal align with the skills and knowledge necessary for ACF certification, to include Certified Fundamentals Cook, Certified Culinarian and Certified Sous Chef levels.

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Annual Portal Access Fees

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ACF Members/Partners Access Fees
Number of Users   Price Per User
1–5 $35
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16+ $20

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$45 per user

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