Start an Apprenticeship Program

  • Increase staff retention as apprentices become committed and loyal employees
  • Learn while teaching by recalling and demonstrating culinary techniques
  • Satisfaction of mentorship to see apprentice graduate and embark on a successful culinary career
  • Develop connection between industry and educational institutes to meet the growing needs of the culinary industry
  • Grow chapter membership through apprenticeship

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Place of Employment

A "Place of Employment" is the establishment that provides the kitchen space and supervising chef for the apprentice to work. The food production will need to be a minimum of 51% scratch at all times. It is preferable to have an apprentice experience 3 meal preparations, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but most restaurants only serve two meal preparations, and that is acceptable.

When starting an apprenticeship program and considering where the apprentice will receive their hands-on training and who will be the supervising chef to mentor the apprentice, be inventive and use your resources. There are apprentices in individual and chain restaurants, adult living communities, educational institutions and other facilities. The main goal is to find a qualified sponsoring house that meets the training areas outlined in the ACFEF logbook.

ACFEF Apprenticeship Program Fees

Fees associated with becoming an apprenticeship program are based on the administration of the program by ACF at the national office. The program will receive a listing on the ACF website under Find A Program. Fees are applied to maintaining Department of Labor recognition for the ACF.

One-time Program Application Fee: $250.00
Program Annual Fee:
0–25 registered apprentices $125.00
26 or more registered apprentices $250.00