ACFEF Apprenticeship Graduation Requirements

For The Apprentice

Graduation from an apprenticeship program provides the new chef with an opportunity to test for ACFEF certification and receive an ACFEF certificate of graduation and a wallet card. The Department of Labor will award a certificate of graduation and a Journeyman’s card. Upon completion of a two or three year apprenticeship program, the apprentice is required to pass a written and a practical test for ACF certification. There are four possible certifications: certified culinarian (CC), certified pastry culinarian (CPC), certified sous chef (CSC) or certified working pastry chef (CWPC).

To receive a CC or CPC designation:

  • Take the designated apprenticeship practical exam. The purpose of this exam is to verify fundamental culinary skills and skill areas, and serve as a platform for apprentices to become familiar with ACF certification testing procedures.
  • Take a written exam which is administered by your Program Coordinator.

To receive CSC or CWPC

  • Take the CSC or CWPC written and practical exam. Arrangements for the exam are made through the apprentice Program Coordinator or designated official

For the Program Coordinator

The apprentice will be required to complete the steps in the apprentice graduation form that the Program Coordinator will need to have filled out, signed and submitted to the ACFEF national office. As Program Coordinator, you will oversee and guide the apprentice through the testing process and confirm the completion of the logbook, related instruction and on-the-job training hours.

*All apprentices must be student members of the ACF the entire time of their apprenticeship, including at the time of graduation

Fees for Apprenticeship Graduation

  • Apprenticeship Written Exam
  • Apprenticeship Practical Exam
  • CSC Written Exam (at Comira site)
  • CSC / CWPC Practical Exam
  • CSC / CWPC Certification Application
no fee
no fee

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