ACF Conference Session Demos

Andreini and Scott – CMC Demo: Flavors of Switzerland
Jeff Bacon - Emotional Intelligence

Mickey Bakst - Sober Reality in Hospitality
Beland and Loving - CMC Demo: Mise En Place
Thomas Boemer - Game Meats
Kathryn Fenner – Achieve Benefits of Waste Reduction
Marc Forgione - Finding the Chef Within
Galicia and Torres – Flavors of Mexico
Gale Gand – Lessons Learned
Eduardo Garcia – Surviving and Finding Inspiration
Duff Goldman – Secret Family Recipe
Thomas Griffiths - CMC Demo: Healthy Cooking
J. J. Johnson - Roots of American Cuisine
Farmer Lee Jones – Chef and Farmer
Adam Kaye – From Wasted to Wanted
Gavin Kaysen - Evolution of Mentorship
Carlos Lamagna - Evolution of Filipino Cuisine
Edward Lee – Eating is an Adventure
Matthias Merges - Chef, Leader, Activiist
Jeff Michaud - The Art of Pasta
Mignano and Zebrowski - Mirror Glaze
Ivan Orkin – Fundamentals of Dashi
Polcyn and Ruhlman - Art and Craft of Charcuterie
Polcyn, Ruhlman, Wright - Charcuterie Q&A
Sean Sherman - (R)evolution of Indigenous Food Systems
Walter Staib - 50 Years in America
Jeremiah Tower - Turning Chaos Into Opportunity
Michael Twitty - Tracing My Story Through Food
Yia Vang - Philosophy of Hmong Cuisine
Bryan Voltaggio - Working with Your Pastry Team
Marco Pierre White