ACF’s Culinary Training Youth Credential Grant

ACF is offering a grant to secondary schools for an ACF training program to help prepare students graduate with an industry-recognized credential!

Students earning their ACF Certified Fundamental Cook credential will receive a digital badge to validate and share their credential through social media and on the ever-expanding online marketplace.

About the Credential

The ACF Certified Fundamental Cook credential is the first step on a ladder of certifications recognized by the Department of Labor. ACF offers 15 levels of certification, from entry-level with little or no experience to mastership level, for savory and pastry chefs, as well as educators.

How can your students earn the ACF Certified Fundamentals Cook credential? It’s easy! There are education requirements that are most likely covered within your existing curriculum, and, if not, we can help supplement with our online courses. Then, all you need to do is add NOCTI’s written and practical exam at the end of your program and submit an application to ACF. View this presentation for more information on the different pathways.

Preparing for the Credential

ACF offers a variety of online tools to prepare your students for certification.

The ACF Online Learning Center offers several courses that align with the content in the written exam:

  • Introduction to Foodservice
  • Food Prep I
  • Culinary Nutrition
  • Safety and Sanitation

As practice, have your students take the online exam and earn their ACF Certificate of Culinary Essentials.

The ACF Culinary Essentals Training Portal is an online tool with skills and competencies that align with the CFC practical certification. Supplement your existing curriculum with classroom and take-home assignments. Students earn a certificate of completion after finishing all tasks and passing the quiz in each section. View demo.

Grant Details

What will it cost my school to certify our students? As part of the ACF Culinary Training Youth Credential grant, we are waiving the one-time initial fee for the Culinary Essentials training program ($499) and the annual fee ($75) for three years.

And there’s more: we will also waive the ACF CFC application fee for every user of the training program.

Training program application fee   $499  FREE
Training program annual fee $75  FREE
Training program user fee  $35
NOCTI exam fees  $31
ACF CFC application fee $35  FREE

Apply for the Grant

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity for your school and your students—a limited number of spots are available! If your secondary school has a culinary program, apply for a grant today!

Not interested in the ACF Online Training Program but still want to get your students certified? Send an email to to learn about group discounts.