Certified Master Chef Dinner Menu

CMC Fund Raising Dinner for ACF Culinary Team USA
Founded & Hosted by Chef Edward G. Leonard, CMC

Edward G. Leonard, CMC, AAC

Cauliflower soup with chocolate cauliflower terrine

Seared Kobe beef with Oxtail sauce on roasted onion potato puree, tomato jam

Glazed Pork belly with spiced pulled pork sandwiches, hot sweet and sour coleslaw

John Kinsella CMC, CCE, WGMC, AAC, ACF National President

Pate de Poisson, Sauce Nantua, A Poached Seafood terrine served with crayfish and topped with micro greens and infused crab meat

Tournedos Italienne Sautéed small fillets of beef served with an enriched demy glace and served with diced Parma Ham and Concasse of Tomatoes

Joachim Buchner, CMC

Niman Ranch All-Natural Pork
Mandarin pan cake filled with spicy chili glazed pork belly
Honey fried shallots, cilantro and scallions
Mango and radish salad

Maple Leaf Duckling
Cherry wood smoked duckling breast with ginger red cabbage salad served with raisin waffle toast and warm cherry chutney

Chef Daniel Scannell, CMC

“Steak & Eggs” (Blini Station)

Black & Blue Kobe Beef w/ Apple Pancakes & Olive Oil Basted Quail Eggs

Smoked Lamb Chops / Eggplant, Piquillo Pepper Sauce

Pernod Scented Biscotti Spiced Hot Cocoa & Cinnamon Foam

Chef Brad Barnes, CMC, CCA, AAC

Brandy Flamed Tuna with Black Pepper & White Grapes, Arugula, Ruby Grapefruit & Cantaloupe Salad

Chef Richard Rosendale, CEC

48 hour short ribs with Parmesan Tapioca

Coke Cola and spice glazed Duck breast, spinach and arugula, with orange vinaigrette, golden beets “cooked sous vide”

Chef Aidan Murphy, CMC, AAC

Duck Crepe: A scallion crepe filled with braised thigh topped with smoked breast, Asian slaw and a carrot ginger coulis. Raspberry Panacotta - with blueberry and fruit jelly, champagne raspberry syrup, mint cream and a lemon sable cookie

Chef Steven Jilleba, CMC, CCE, AAC

White Pea Puree Foie Gras; Rioja Reduction; Manchefo Foam, Orange Herb

Chef Jamie Keating

Braised Lamb Denver Rib over Gnocchi ala Romaine with Fava Bean Ragout

Confit of Duck Leg Stuffed Piquillo Pepper over Saffron Potato Salad