U.S.A.’s Chef of the Year™ Award

In 1963, ACF created the Chef of the Year Award to acknowledge Walter Roth, AAC, for his tireless efforts to promote and elevate the profession. The award has grown in prestige, and today is the highest honor annually bestowed by ACF.

The U.S.A.’s Chef of the Year™ award recognizes an outstanding culinarian who works and cooks in a full-service dining facility. This person has demonstrated the highest standard of culinary skills, advanced the cuisine of America and given back to the profession through the development of students and apprentices.

Regional winners compete in a culinary competition at the national convention, where a panel of distinguished judges will select the national winner.

2020 Regional Finalists


Shawn Berry

Shawn Berry


Tim Bucci

Tim Bucci CMC, CCE


Hagop Hagopian

Hagop Hagopian


Matthew Schellig

Matthew Schellig CEC, CEPC, CCE, CCA


Dean Sprague

Dean Sprague CEC


J. Kevin Storm

J. Kevin Storm CEC, AAC


L.Fernando Mojica

L.Fernando Mojica CEC


Matthew O'Connor

Matthew O'Connor CEC


William Rogers

William Rogers CEC , CCA


Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon CEC


Stephen Bush

Stephen Bush CEC


Lance Cook

Lance Cook CEC, CCA


John Michael Lynch

John Michael Lynch


Steven McCracken

Steven McCracken


Peter Spear

Peter Spear CEC, CCA


Ben Diaz

Ben Diaz


Christopher Emerling

Christopher Emerling


Brandon LaVielle

Brandon LaVielle CEC


Hiram Carrion-Rodriguez

Hiram Carrion-Rodriguez, CCC, SSgt USMC TECOM


Previous Winners