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Register Your Culinary Competition With ACF

Application Guidelines

Application for ACF-Certified Culinary Competition
For a culinary show to receive ACF approval:

  • It must be sponsored and administered by a local ACF chapter in good standing
  • It must adhere to the latest edition of the Guide to ACF Approved Culinary Competitions
  • The judge’s panel must have a minimum of three (3) ACF approved culinary judges
    • Additional judges may be required for larger hot food competitions
    • The lead judge in ice carving competitions must be an ACF approved ice judge
    • Additional use of one apprentice judge is strongly recommended

Send completed applications to

American Culinary Federation
Attn: Competition & Awards Administrator
6816 Southpoint Pkwy Ste 400
Jacksonville, FL 32216


For chapters wishing to coordinate an ACF culinary competition, a check list is provided to assist with the administrative requirements. In addition to the guidelines on the check list, early and regular liaison with the National Office is encouraged.

Contact ACF

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