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ACF Culinary Competition Timeline

Four Months Prior

Chair submits the following to ACF national office:

Applications are checked for completeness and forwarded to the Culinary Competition Chair for approval and designation of Lead Judge.

Three Months Prior

Show chair notified of competition approval/disapproval and lead judge appointment.

One to Two Months Prior

If ordering medals before a competition, show chair places medal order and submits deposit for medals.

After the Show

Show Chair submits the following to ACF national office:

  • Original signed judges score summary score sheets
  • Completed “Competitors Information Form” for each competitor
  • Lead Judge Evaluation
  • Show Chair Evaluation
  • Request and payment for medals, if not ordered in advance

ACF-sanctioned competitions are highly regarded throughout the culinary industry for their commitment to quality and fairness. In order to ensure the verity of results and that all competition planners, judges and competitors follow the guidelines, it is necessary for the ACF national office to receive documentation of each competition’s results.

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