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Download iCalendar file for this competition June 11, 2020 Texas Chefs Association - Fort Worth

Show Site: Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX
Show Chair: Patrick Mitchell, CEC, AAC -
Telephone: 972-877-9459
Categories: KC- Contemporary Cooking
Lead Judge: Larry Matson, CEC, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition August 24, 2020 ACF Chefs of Milwaukee (MKE Cream City Culinary Salon)

Show Site: Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, Milwaukee, WI
Show Chair: Mike Christensen, CEC -
Telephone: 505-974-0519
Categories: SA, SB, SC, SD, SG, SK-1-SK-9, SP-1, SP-2, A-1-A-6, B-1-B-4, C-1-C-5, D-1-D-4, KC, KP-1, KP-2
Lead Judge: Stephen Miller, CMC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition October 17, 2020 CCAC SuperChef Challenge 2020

Show Site: USC Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
Show Chair: Eric Ernest , CEC , CCA , AAC -
Telephone: 213-821-3440
Categories: A1-A6, B-1-B-4, C-1-C-5, D-1-D-4, E-1-E-4, F-5, HD, H-1-H-3
Lead Judge: Kevin Gawronski , CMC -