Student Team Classical Dish Requirements

For the 2018 competition season, the assigned classical dish is the dessert course. Effective dates for this dish are August 2017-April 2018.

Classical Dish - #4713 Oeufs à la Neige (half recipe only)

  1. Reference recipe #4347 Ordinary Meringue (half recipe)
  2. Use eggs sized "large" for all recipe production.
  3. Read procedure carefully - Crème Anglaise base utilizes poaching liquid. Teams will be penalized for excessive waste if an additional Crème Anglaise recipe is produced unnecessarily.
  4. There will be some excess production beyond the four (4) required portions served. Teams will not be penalized for excess production as a result of following these two (2) classical dessert recipes correctly.
  5. NO additional dessert garnishes will be required or permitted for this course. Presentation guidelines are clearly stated within the original recipe (#4713) and should not be deviated from in the final presentation of the course for evaluation.