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ACF Student Team Competition

Participating in the student team competition is a fun way to put the skills you’ve learned in the classroom to the test.

As a team competitor you demonstrate dedication and experience in the culinary industry. Participation is an instant resume builder.

Additional Guidelines & Requirements

This year’s competitions promise to be more exciting and challenging than ever. Each year a specific classical dish is assigned which focuses on a different set of skills.

For the 2019 competition season, the assigned classical dish is the fish course. Effective dates for this dish are September 2018 – July 2019.

Classical Dish - #2023 Filets de Sole Véronique

Skills Salon - Guidelines

ACF Student Team Championships: The History

Since 1992, the competition has molded students into young professionals. More


The student team competition starts at the local level with state winners competing at their respective ACF Regional Culinary Salons. The winning team from each region earns the right to contend for the national title during the Cook. Craft. Create. Convention & Show.

Competition Guidelines

To assure each region is well represented at the national championships, the culinary competition committee is adamant that interested competitors closely follow the established competition championship guidelines. They are reprinted here for easy reference.

  • Student teams interested in competing are required to register annually with the ACF national office prior to September 14th (intent to compete forms are electronic submissions only, links provided below).
  • Deadlines will be enforced for state competitions to assure ample selection and preparation time for the regional contests.
  • Only one team per state will be allowed to compete in regional contests.
  • Any state with more than one team interested in competing at the regional level must have a preliminary contest to determine who will represent the state at the regional level. If that state does not have more than one team, any team is invited to represent their state at the regional competition.
  • Teams whose members or coaches are not confirmed ACF members in good standing 30 days prior to state and regional championships will not be allowed to compete in their respective championships. Teams and coaches whose membership runs out during the 30-day period leading up to state and regional championships, and do not renew their membership, will be disqualified. Any team whose coach or any members of the team are not ACF members on the day of competition will be disqualified regardless of whether their dues were current at the 30-day mark or not. Dues must be current on competition day. There will be no exceptions to this rule effective immediately. It is the coach’s responsibility to confirm membership status of each team member by contacting the ACF membership department at the national office. This rule is non-negotiable and will be enforced.

Registration Deadline: September 14

Student Team Intent to Compete Form

Past Winners

ACF Student Team Competition Winners