National Convention Agenda

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Sat, Jul 13

Daily Agenda
Time Session
02:30 PM–05:00 PM Event Registration Soft Open

Sun, Jul 14

Daily Agenda
Time Session
07:30 AM–05:00 PM Event Registration Open
09:00 AM–04:30 PM Culinary Educators Summit
09:00 AM–12:00 PM Hands On Class: The Art of Dumpling Making
10:00 AM–11:15 AM Board of Governor's Credentialing
11:30 AM–05:30 PM Board of Governor's Meeting
06:30 PM–08:30 PM Welcome Reception

Mon, Jul 15

Daily Agenda
Time Session
07:00 AM–08:30 AM Breakfast
07:30 AM–05:00 PM Event Registration Open
07:30 AM–05:30 PM Retail Space Open
08:30 AM–09:00 AM Opening Session: Announcements and Awards
09:00 AM–10:00 AM Opening Session: Food for Thought from the White House Doctor
10:30 AM–11:30 AM Chapters Supporting Chapters
10:30 AM–11:30 AM CHOW- Mental Health
10:30 AM–11:30 AM Maximize Your Culinary Genius with Chat GPT: The Ultimate Guide to Prompting Your Way to Neuro-Gastronomy Greatness
10:30 AM–01:00 PM Soul of Cooking: BBQ, Business & Balanced Books
10:30 AM–11:30 AM Southeast Region Vice President Forum
12:00 PM–01:00 PM Chaos Cooking: An Aggressive Mashup of Global Flavors
12:00 PM–01:00 PM Kiełbasa Wokół Stołu "Sausage Around the Table"
12:00 PM–01:00 PM Northeast Region Vice President Forum
12:00 PM–01:00 PM TBD- Forever Oceans
01:15 PM–02:15 PM Award Luncheon
02:30 PM–03:30 PM Good to Great – Building Culinary Excellence
02:30 PM–03:30 PM Kimchi: A Story of Fermentation, Family and the American Dream
02:30 PM–03:30 PM TBD- Corto Olive
02:30 PM–03:30 PM Western Region Vice President Forum
03:00 PM–07:00 PM AAC BOD/HBOT= American Academy of Chefs Honorary Board of Directors Meeting
04:00 PM–05:00 PM Central Region Vice President Forum
04:00 PM–05:00 PM Make it Happen Chef
04:00 PM–05:00 PM The AI-Powered Chef: Revolutionizing Culinary Arts with Rosendale Collective

Tue, Jul 16

Daily Agenda
Time Session
06:00 AM–05:00 PM ACF National Competitions
07:00 AM–09:00 AM American Academy of Chefs Fellows Meeting
07:00 AM–08:30 AM Breakfast
07:30 AM–05:00 PM Event Registration Open
07:30 AM–05:30 PM Retail Space Open
08:30 AM–09:00 AM General Session 2: Announcements and Awards
09:00 AM–10:00 AM General Session 2- TBD- Martin Yan
10:00 AM–03:00 PM Trade Show
01:00 PM–02:30 PM Knowledge Bowl
02:30 PM–03:00 PM Trade Show Happy Hour
06:00 PM–10:30 PM AAC Reception and Dinner

Wed, Jul 17

Daily Agenda
Time Session
07:30 AM–03:00 PM Event Registration Open
07:30 AM–04:15 PM Retail Space Open
08:30 AM–09:30 AM Culinology at Work
08:30 AM–09:30 AM HACCP- Matthew Schellig
08:30 AM–09:30 AM TBD- Land O'Lakes
08:30 AM–09:30 AM The Journey to Culinary Freedom of the Soul
10:00 AM–10:30 AM General Session 3: Announcements and Awards
10:30 AM–11:30 AM Brunch
10:30 AM–11:30 AM General Session 3: A Culinary Medicine Call to Action
11:30 AM–02:00 PM American Academy of Chefs Spouses/Significant Others Lunch
12:00 PM–01:00 PM Crafting Culinary Magic: Exploring the Art of Culinary Mash-Ups
12:00 PM–01:00 PM Fueling Resilience: Managing Foodservice Industry Stress with Fitness and Diet
12:00 PM–01:00 PM Session TBD
12:00 PM–01:00 PM Spice Up Your Menu with Pueblo Chiles
01:30 PM–02:30 PM Application of Culinary Medicine Techniques
01:30 PM–02:30 PM The Missing Ingredients: The Who, Why, and How-To of Feeding Those with Dietary Restrictions
01:30 PM–02:30 PM Umami in Healthy Diets and Its Function; The World of Koji in Fermentation
01:30 PM–02:30 PM When You Can't Be a Chef Anymore
02:45 PM–03:45 PM Beyond the Burger: The Next Generation of Alternative Protein Innovation
02:45 PM–03:45 PM Exploring Cannabis Terpenes for Culinary Use
02:45 PM–03:45 PM Global Street Food: Using Only 3 Ingredients
02:45 PM–03:45 PM TBD- Sterling Caviar
04:00 PM–05:00 PM Closing Session: The Challenging Journey of Developing a Cooking and Food Philosophy
06:30 PM–07:30 PM President’s Gala Reception
07:30 PM–10:00 PM President’s Gala Dinner and Award Presentations