ACF MasterCraft Summit Series
New to 2022

ACF has developed a new series of one-day educational summits to deliver a higher level of in-person educational programs. In these one-day events, chefs, culinary and foodservice professionals will receive an in-depth look into specific topics. Presenters will have demonstrated subject-matter expertise and will be teaching an advanced curriculum.

It will be an action-packed day, with five in-depth presentations. Most summits will be in-person. Virtual summits will be scheduled differently with one presentation held per week across a single month.

This is what you can expect from the in-person summits:

  • Price is $199 for ACF members and $250 for nonmembers for every summit.
  • Five presentations per summit.
  • Presentations begin at 9 a.m., ending late afternoon (i.e., 4 p.m. or 5 p.m.), except for virtual summits which will be held across four successive Mondays with one presentation per Monday.
  • Most summits will be hosted by educational partners.
  • Feel free to come in the night before if you’re travelling from a distance; affordable hotels in the area will be recommended.
  • Workbooks will be provided for each presentation.

Prior experience and requirements: it is recommended that attendees have a minimum of five years of professional experience or CSC/CWPC.

Due to COVID spacing and venue capacity, attendance is limited.

Take your knowledge and skills to the next level in the following topics:

Advanced Culinary Cannabis

September or October (In-Person) - More Information to Come
Calling all “canna-chefs” and foodservice professionals who are interested in a deeper dive into the world of culinary cannabis. Topics to include extraction techniques, proper dosing for edibles, THC vs. CBD, terpenes effects and flavors, sweet and savory applications, safety for cannabis culinary events, as well as business tips for established and emerging cannabis chefs.
Price: $199 ACF Members - $250 Nonmembers

Advanced Culinary Medicine and Healthcare

Moved to 2023, at University of Montana in Missoula, Montana (In-Person)
Discover the links between food, health, and wellness, as Culinary, Nutrition, and medical professionals unite for this experience. This summit will be focusing on food and its relationship to our health, as well as understanding the latest nutrition science, best practices for specialized diets, and the implications of diet on overall health and wellness.
Price: $199 ACF Members - $250 Nonmembers

2023 MasterCraft Summit Series Request for Proposal