NJ011 - ACF Professional Chefs Assn of South Jersey

Below you will find our member pricing and basic chapter information. If you would like more information on our chapter, please attend one of our meetings or contact us. [Learn more about us.]

Meeting Information

Members and Guests and of the Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey (unless it is otherwise noted), meet at 6PM on the second Tuesday of each month from September thru June.

Contact Us

ACF Prof Chefs Association of South Jersey
Kenneth Trout CEC, CCA, AAC
Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey
P.O. Box 177
Absecon, NJ 08201-0177

Chapter News and Information

During this Covid-19 outbreak we have canceled our in person membership meetings and will be using Zoom for our meetings. Please watch your emails for any updates. From my family to yours please stay safe and healthy. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if anyone is in need, we are here for you all.
Thank you and be safe yours,
Kenneth B. Trout CEC, CCA, AAC President of ACF PCASJ

A Message from the Chapter President
December 2020

My fellow Colleagues,
I would first like to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and hope you were able to enjoy time with your family and loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as I know this year has been extremely difficult for everyone. Be it jobs lost, decrease in pay, hours worked, or being separated from our loved ones, our Culinary Industry has been affected tremendously. With the Covid 19 Virus Pandemic continuing to spread my hope is that everyone remains safe and healthy. Please reach out to me or any of the Board members if we can be of any assistance.
Together with the Elected Board we wish to express our thanks to the Membership of our ACF PCASJ Chapter for your continued support. As we move into our third term in office please know that we are in contact with one another in our effort to maintain and enhance the Chapter. Recently I have been in talks with other Chapter Presidents on how we may best help each other out, as all Chapters across the country are facing the same issues. We are still unable to meet in person but we will continue our monthly meetings via Zoom and we are working on Educational Seminars, such as the one Susan Notter was able to do for the ACF Big Apple Chapter that we were invited to join in with them. Our hope is to work together to maintain and hopefully continue to grow in our membership. If anyone has any suggestions for Educational Seminars please forward them to us.
I remain very humbled and honored to be the President of our Chapter and consider myself extremely fortunate to work with a Chapter and Board members who are always willing to help in any way they can.
I ask you all to please continue to follow your emails, check the website and social media sites as we continue to face these challenging times.
May you and your families remain safe and healthy, I know together we will become stronger when this virus is contained, and with the vaccines being administered, hopefully we will see this Pandemic being controlled soon.
I remain honored and humbled to continue to serve as your President.
Chef Kenneth B. Trout CEC, CCA, AAC
President Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey

Chapter Officers

Kenneth B. Trout, CEC, CCA, AAC

Chairman of the Board
David Goldstein

Vice President
George R. Kralle, III

Vice President 2nd
Kesley Jackson

Margaret M. Feairheller

Corresponding Secretary
Meg Trout, R.N., CCRN

Wolfgang D. Geckeler, CEC, AAC, HOF

Sergeant At Arms
Fredric H. Belfus

Certifications and Recertifications

Join ACF in congratulating cooks and chefs in your chapter who have been certified or recertified in the past 60 days.

New Member Application

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