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One of the most important decisions I made in my entire life was getting involved with the ACF. And, at the time I did that 35 years ago I had no idea how important it was. It gave me a roadmap for success".

Mike Deihl, CEC, CCA, AAC Culinary Director – The Mike Deihl Group, LLC
VP of Culinary Development – Blue Frog Foods, LLC

Which type of membership is right for you?

Professional Member


A Professional Culinarian shall be a person with at least three years’ full-time employment in the culinary profession.

Culinarian Member


A Culinarian has at least six months of full-time employment and does not manage staff. Membership is limited to five years.

Student Member

Student Culinarians

A Student Culinarian has less than two years full-time employment and is enrolled in a culinary education program, or an apprentice in a culinary training program. Membership is limited to four years.

Include a local ACF chapter experience

Most members choose to include a local chapter experience as it provide great networking, professional development, and other community activities. To include chapter membership click here.