The American Academy of Chefs

2023 American Academy of Chefs® Inductees

Joseph M. Allison, CEC

ACF Professional Chefs of New Hampshire

Dina Altieri, CEC, CCE

ACF Chef’s Association of Arizona

Denise D. Baxter, CCE

ACF Nation’s Capital Chefs Association

John Casto, CEC

ACF Pikes Peak Chapter

Joshua E. Diekman, CEC, CCA

ACF Middle Tennessee

Kirk S. Kief, CEC, CCA, CPC

ACF Mid Florida East Coast

Bradley D. LaBarre, CEC

ACF Epicurean Club

Brandon S. LaVielle, CEC

ACF Washington State Chefs Association

Brian E. Lord, CEC

ACF Caxambas Chapter of Southwest Florida

Maynard Meland, CEC, CCA

ACF Washington State Chefs Association

Fernando Mojica, CEC

ACF Cleveland Chapter

Rick Neal, CEC

Texas Chefs Association

Susan E. Notter, CEPC

ACF Harrisburg Chapter

Hari Pulapaka, CEC

ACF Central Florida Chapter

Brian G. Tatsukawa, CEC

Four Corners Chapter of the ACF

2023 Honorary American Academy of Chefs® Inductees

Timothy J. Foley

ACF Epicurean Club of Boston

Harris Heckelman

Executive Vice President of Protein for Chefs Warehouse (Allen Brothers parent company)

Jimmy Lee Hill

ACF Capital Prof Cooks & Chefs Assoc of Greater Lansing

Cheryl A. Molenda, CC

ACF Chefs of Northwest Indiana

Rocco Paradiso

American Culinary Chefs of Charlotte

Richard H. Simon, CSC, CCE

ACF Long Island Chapter