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The honor society of ACF, the American Academy of Chefs (AAC) represents the highest standards of professionalism in the organization, society and industry. The Academy’s primary mission is to promote the education of all culinarians by mentoring culinarians, awarding scholarships to students seeking a future in the culinary industry, and by providing grants to professional working chefs looking to further their career.

Current News

2019 ACF National Convention

Orlando World Center Marriott, Orlando, Florida

Annual AAC Induction Dinner

Orlando World Center Marriott
Sunday, August 4, 2019, 6:30 – 10:30 p.m.

Add your AAC dinner reservation with your ACF national convention registration. Register Now.
Or call the Academy office at (904) 824-4468, ext. 202

Annual AAC Induction Dinner Seating Request Form

Please complete the form by July 15 to make your seating request. Click here.

AAC Golf Outing

Hawk’s Landing Golf Club at the Orlando World Center Marriott

9 Holes

Wednesday, August 7, 2019, Tee Time 5:00

Limited Tee Times available. Register now.
Or call the Academy office at (904) 824-4468, ext. 202

AAC Annual Fellow’s Meeting

Orlando World Center Marriott
Sunday, August 4, 2019, 9:15 – 11:45 a.m.

Support Our Mission

The primary goal of Academy Fellows is to promote the education of future culinarians by sharing the skills, training and expertise they possess. Your donation ensures we have the resources necessary to fulfill our mission. Donate online, call (904) 484-0202, or send a check to American Academy of Chefs, 180 Center Place Way, St. Augustine, FL 32095.

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The Academy offers educational scholarships to high school students looking to further their education.

Becoming a Fellow Academy Member

Know a hard-working, dedicated and qualified chef? Encourage him or her to apply to become a Fellow of the American Academy of Chefs. Learn more about the requirements and application process.

American Academy of Chefs Culinary Hall of Fame™

Established in 1988, the American Academy of Chef Culinary Hall of Fame™ recognizes AAC Fellows for their accomplishments and extraordinary contributions to ACF, AAC, and the culinary profession over a lifetime. Current Members

Awards and Recognitions

The Academy recognizes those who put time and effort towards furthering the culinary industry through a prestigious awards program. More

Academy Merchandise

Purchase AAC merchandise and show your support for the Academy every day. Items include Inspire, published by the American Academy of Chefs. Inspire is a collection of personal stories, philosophies and inspirational thoughts together with photographs of unique food presentations and recipes. For AAC apparel, please go to our partner NEWCHEF Fashion, Inc.

Support Our Mission

For the Academy to continue to fulfill its mission, it is imperative that we have an accessible and viable Academy office to administer scholarships, correspondence, website updates, newsletter and Academy regional and national events. Make a donation. Special thanks to our donors.

Become a Sponsor

Showcase your company in front of this highly esteemed society of professional chefs during our annual events. Gain access to the buying power and influence this esteemed group represents. View our partnership opportunities. Special thanks to our sponsors.