The American Academy of Chefs AAC Application

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Application Deadline

The application deadline for induction into the American Academy of Chefs for 2017 is December 31, 2016. Please contact the Academy office if you have any questions at (904) 484-0202 or

Obtaining an Application

To obtain an official American Academy of Chefs application, an applicant must have an Academy Fellow request an application on the individual’s behalf from the AAC National Office at (904) 484-0202. An applicant may not request his or her own application, and all applications must be received by the national office by December 31 of the year preceding induction.


  • Application fee: $50 (non-refundable)
    • The national office will not send the application until the fee has been received.
  • Induction fee: $350
    • Submit with the application and all application materials
    • Includes the AAC medal, ribbon, diploma, pin, and memorabilia item of your induction dinner
    • Does not include the cost of the Induction Dinner ticket
    • This fee will be returned if you are not selected for induction

Please make checks payable to the American Academy of Chefs.

Application Information

The formal application for election into the American Academy of Chefs consists of six parts:

  1. General biographical information, including place of employment.

  2. Verification for the fulfillment of seven mandatory requirements, including:
    1. A statement of intent to attend the Annual Academy Dinner and Medal Ceremony, as well as the morning Induction Ceremony.
    2. Letters of sponsorship from two voting AAC Fellows in good standing signed and dated within one year. Note: Voting Academy Fellows can sponsor only one applicant within one year.

  3. Verification of the fulfillment of at least 10 of 20 Elective Attainable Goals.

  4. One copy of the Culinarian’s Code, signed and dated.

  5. The Chapter’s Verification of Application form signed by all officers of the candidate’s chapter. Note: A chapter may sponsor an unlimited number of qualified candidates.

  6. A notarized statement of formal application signed by the candidate.

Applications are valid for only one year (i.e. induction in 2017 and fails to submit it by December 31, 2016, he or she must request a new application). Also, all requirements must be met prior to submission of application; if not, the application and induction fees will be returned and must be submitted another year. Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission. The induction fee of $350 will be returned if the applicant is not selected for induction into the Academy.