The American Academy of Chefs Logo Mandatory Requirements

All requirements must be met prior to submission of application.

  1. Must be certified as an ACF master chef, master pastry chef, executive chef, executive pastry chef and/or culinary educator for no less than six years. Must continue to renew certification as required by ACF as of 1987.

  2. Must be in the culinary profession as a cook, working chef, or culinary educator at an accredited school for no less than 15 years; 10 of the 15 years must have been as an executive chef at a full-service operation. A culinary educator must have served five years as an executive chef in a full-service operation.

  3. Must be a professional member of the American Culinary Federation a minimum of 10 consecutive years. Must be a member in good standing and remain so to retain AAC Fellowship.

  4. Must have attended any combination of four ACF regional conferences and/or national conventions.

  5. Applicant must show intent to attend Annual Academy Dinner and morning induction ceremony.

  6. Must be sponsored by two active Academy Fellows. An Academy Fellow is permitted to sponsor one new applicant per year. Academy Fellows must submit a written recommendation of at least 100 words on the applicant's behalf.

  7. Must submit a complete, typed résumé which covers all of the above requirements. Must submit two 5"×7" photos taken within the last year, -in color or in black and white - which show applicant in white toque and white chef's coat. Digital photos are preferred. Photos may be in .jpg, .tif, or .eps format and must be at least 300 dpi and no smaller than 5"×7". Digital photographs may be submitted by thumb drive, or by e-mail to

  8. Must submit a letter of recommendation from an elected member from the applicant's chapter.