The American Academy of Chefs Lawrence A. Conti, CEC, AAC, HOF, Chair’s Achievement Award

The Lawrence A. Conti, CEC, AAC, HOF, Chair’s Achievement Award is awarded at the annual AAC Induction Ceremony & Dinner.

Paul J. O'Toole

2018 - Paul J. O'Toole, CEC®, AAC®

Executive Chef - Pittsburgh Field Club,Pittsburgh, Pa., ACF Philadelphia Delaware Valley Chefs Association

Roger Newell

2017 - Roger W. Newell, CEC®, CCE®, CCA®, AAC®

Retired Senior Chef. Saint cloud, Florida. ACF Central Florida Chapter

John Zehnder

2016 - John W. Zehnder, CEC, AAC

Executive Chef, Zehnder’s Restaurant, Frankenmuth, Mich.; Chapter Certification Chair, ACF Flint/Saginaw Valley Chapter

Bobby Moghaddam

2015 - Bobby Moghaddam, CEC, CCE, AAC

Executive Director of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management, Riverside City College, Riverside, California

Salvatore Campagna

2014 - Salvatore Campagna, CEC, HAAC

Retired; ACF San Francisco Chapter

Fawzi Ottman

2013 - Fawzi Ottman, CEC, AAC

Executive chef, Odyssey Country Club, Palos Park, Ill.; ACF Chicago Chefs of Cuisine Inc.

Harry Brockwell

2012 - Harry Brockwell, CEC, AAC

Corporate consulting chef, Westlake Village, Calif.; ACF Channel Islands Chefs Association

Donal Weaving

2011 - Donal Weaving, CEC, AAC

Retired executive chef/owner, Majestic Oyster Bar and Grille, Indianapolis, Ind.; ACF Greater Indianapolis Chapter

Anthony Graffeo

2010 - Anthony Graffeo, CEC, AAC

ACF Epicurean Club of Boston

Harry Hoffstadt

2009 - Harry Hoffstadt, CEC, AAC, HOF