The American Academy of Chefs Joseph Amendola Award

The Joseph Amendola Award is presented to a Pastry Chef or Master Baker. This recipient has devoted their career to their profession and to the mentoring of young individuals who will be future pastry chefs.

Sharon L. Pallas

2020 - Sharon L. Pallas, CEPC, CC, AAC

Garry W. Waldie

2019 - Garry W. Waldie, CEC®, CEPC®, CCE®, AAC®

ACF Chef’s Association of Arizona

Casey E. Shiller

2018 - Casey E. Shiller, CEPC®, AAC®

Program Coordinator, Baking and Pastry Arts - St. Louis Community Forest Park, St. Louis, Mo., Chefs de Cuisine Association of St. Louis Inc

Gerard Molloy

2017 - Gerard M. Molloy, CEPC®, AAC®

Pastry Chef Instructor, Monroe College. New Rochelle, New York. ACF Long Island Chapter

Jan Bandula

2016 - Jan M. Bandula, CMPC®, CEC®, AAC®

Faculty Emeritus, Stratford University, Baltimore, Md.; Chapter Membership Chair, ACF Greater Baltimore Chapter, Inc.

Darrin Aoyama

2015 - Darrin Aoyama, CEPC®, AAC®

Executive Pastry Chef, River Oaks Country Club; ACF Professional Chefs Association of Houston.

Gale O'Malley

2014 - Gale O’Malley, CEPC®, AAC®

Pastry instructor, Kapiolani Community College, Honolulu; ACF Honolulu Chapter

Wolfgang Bierer

2013 - Wolfgang Bierer, CMPC®, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®

Retired; ACF Chefs of the Low Country

Albert Imming

2012 - Albert Imming, CMPC®, CCE®, AAC®

Culinary professor emeritus, Joliet Junior College, Joliet, Ill.; ACF Louis Joliet Chapter

Derek Spendlove

2011 - Derek Spendlove, CEPC®, CCE®, AAC®

Chair, baking/pastry arts, Sullivan University, Louisville, Ky.; ACF Kentucky Chapter

John Hui

2010 - John Hui, CEPC®, AAC®

Corporate pastry chef, Pebble Beach Resorts, Pebble Beach, Calif.
ACF Chefs Las Vegas

Gunther Heiland

2009 - Gunther Heiland, CMPC®, AAC®

Photo of Noble Masi

2008 - Noble L. Masi, CEPC®, AAC®, HOF