The American Academy of Chefs Chair’s Medal

The AAC Chair’s Medal is awarded at the annual AAC Induction Ceremony & Dinner.

Americo S. DiFronzo

2018 - Americo S. DiFronzo, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®

Executive Chef - Union Oyster House, Medford, Mass., ACF Epicurean Club of Boston

Rajeev Patgaonkar

2017 - Rajeev V. Patgaonkar, CEC®, AAC®

Executive Sous Chef - Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center at Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan. ACF Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association

David Banks

2016 - David L. Banks, CEC, AAC

Executive Chef/Partner, Harry’s Hospitality Group, Wilmington, Dela.; Regional Director (Northeast), American Academy of Chefs; ACF First State Chefs Association

Rene Marquis

2015 - Rene Marquis, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC

MSG (R), US Army; Vice President, ACF Tampa Bay Culinary Association; Military Regional Director, American Academy of Chefs

Mark Wright

2014 - Mark Wright, CEC, AAC

Department chair, hospitality management, Eric Community College, Williamsville, New York; ACF of Greater Buffalo New York

William Franklin

2013 - William Franklin, CMC, AAC

Corporate executive chef, Nestlé Professional, Centennial, Colo.; Colorado Chefs Association

Michael Minor

2012 - Michael L. Minor, CEC, AAC

Culinary ambassador, Custom Culinary, Inc., Lombard, Ill.; ACF Cleveland Chapter Inc.

Stafford DeCambra

2011 - Stafford DeCambra, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC

Corporate executive chef, PCI Gaming Authority, Atmore, Ala.; ACF Poarch Creek Chapter, Inc.

John Kaufmann

2010 - John Kaufmann, CEC, AAC

ACF Chicago Chefs of Cuisine Inc.

John Minniti

2009 - John Minniti, CCE, AAC, HBOT, HOF

Steven Jilleba

2008 - Steven Jilleba, CMC, CCE, AAC

Tom Macrina

2007 - Tom Macrina, CEC, CCA, AAC

Tom Macrina, CEC, CCA, AAC (left), receives the 2007 American Academy of Chefs Chair’s Medal from Academy Chair John Minniti, CCE, AAC.

John Kinsella

2006 - John Kinsella, CMC, AAC

Chair’s Medal Recipient John Kinsella, CMC, AAC, and McLaughlin Award Recipient David J. Longstaff, CEC, pose with John Minniti, CCE, AAC.

Denis Ellis

2005 - Denis Ellis, CEC, AAC

Denis Ellis, CEC, AAC (center), receives the 2005 American Academy of Chefs Chair’s Medal from Academy Chair John Minniti, CCE, AAC (right), and is congratulated by Tom Macrina, CEC, AAC, National Vice-Chair (left).

Fritz Sonnenschmidt

2004 - Fritz Sonnenschmidt, CMC, AAC

Fritz Sonnenschmidt, CMC, AAC (second from right), receives the 2004 American Academy of Chefs Chair’s Award from Academy Chair John A. Minniti, CEC, AAC (left), and Thomas J. Macrina, CEC, AAC, National Vice-Chair (right).

Edward G. Leonard

2003 - Edward G. Leonard, CMC, AAC

Edward Leonard, CMC, AAC (second from right), receives the 2003 American Academy of Chefs Chair’s Award from Fritz Sonnenschmidt, CMC, AAC, and is congratulated by John Minniti, CCE, AAC (far left), and Bert Cutino, CEC, AAC (far right).

Bert Cutino

2002 - Bert Cutino, CEC, AAC

The 2002 Chair’s Medal was presented Monday evening, July 22 at the ACF National Convention in Las Vegas, to Bert Cutino, CEC, AAC. Accepting his medal, Chef Cutino said, “The academy stands for one thing and one thing only, and that is to pass on the expertise that has been passed on to us. I feel that it’s so important that we in ACF draw on our past for our future. And I will continue to give back in the future, because without the academy and ACF, where would we be in this profession.”

2001 Noel Cullen, Ed.D., CMC, AAC
2000 L. Timothy Ryan, CMC, AAC
1999 Reimund Pitz, CEC, CCE
1998 Roland Schaeffer, CEC
1997 Michael Ty, CEC
1996 John Folse, CEC
1995 L. Edwin Brown
1994 William Moore, CEC
1993 Harry Hoffstadt, CEC
1992 U. Max Behr, CEC
1991 Casey Sinkeldam, CMPC
1990 Jack Braun, CEC
1989 Lawrence Conti, CEC
1988 Willy Rossel, CEC
1987 Hermann Rusch
1986 Alec Cline, CEC
1985 Jon Greenwalt, CEC
1984 Richard Schneider, CMC
1983 Richard Bosnjak, CEC
1982 Ferdinand E. Metz, CMC
1981 Baron Galand, CEC
1980 Rene Roncari
1979 Paul Laesecke
1978 Anthony Bartolotta
1977 Otto Spielbichler
1976 Christian Inden, CEC