The American Academy of Chefs Logo Service Award Pin


The American Academy of Chefs Service Award Pin is presented to academy members who demonstrate active participation, service and dedication to the Academy, the American Culinary Federation and the culinary profession.


An individual must:

  1. Be a member of the Academy for five or more years.
  2. Be involved in local chapter activities.
  3. Volunteer time and effort in enhancing this profession on a local, regional or national level, and be involved in charitable events that bring recognition to the academy, the ACF and the chapter.
  4. Continue to write and publish food-related articles on a local, regional or national level.
  5. Be involved as a chair or co-chair for local chapter events, regional conferences and activities or participation in any aspect of culinary, even as a retiree.

Application Process

  1. Application forms must be requested from the Academy administrator at the national office.
  2. A letter of 100–150 words must be submitted by the chapter board of directors on behalf of each individual stating how that person meets the criteria.
  3. After the application is signed and dated, the chapter is to forward the application to the AAC administrator.

What the Recipient Receives

The recipient will receive a beautiful logo certificate of service and a specially-designed lapel pin which can be worn at all times to reflect this high esteem of professionalism.

When to be Awarded

The Service Award Pin will be given out during the AAC Regional Dinners or any approved sanctioned AAC Local Dinners. Selection process must meet approval of all their AAC Regional Directors, the AAC Vice-Chair, the AAC Chairman and/or AAC Board members. There will be a maximum of three service pins given at each AAC Regional Conference Dinner and one per approved AAC Local Dinners.

Who Presents the Award

Presentation by the local Academy director (if applicable) and the chapter president is preferred, or by the chapter president or any officer designated by the chapter board of directors.

Note: If Academy officers, regional or national, are in attendance, the highest ranking should make the initial presentation.