Frequently Asked Questions

Who can request an application?

AAC Fellows, Regional Directors, Chapter Presidents or a National Officer can request applications on behalf of potential candidates. An application can be requested by sending an email to

How many times can a chef apply?

There is no limit on the number of times that a chef can apply to the academy. Keep in mind that there is an application fee every time you apply.

Who decides who is accepted?

The AAC Chair and AAC Vice Chair meet annually to review all applications in detail. Those applications that meet the qualifications will be tentatively accepted. Once the review process is completed the list of candidates will be published in an issue of the National Culinary Review (NCR) and the Academy Connection. This is to allow AAC Fellows to comment to the AAC Chair and Vice Chair prior to induction.

Why do I want to be an AAC Fellow?

The honor society of ACF, the American Academy of Chefs (AAC) represents the highest standards of professionalism in the organization, society and industry. Becoming an AAC Fellow is the culmination of achievements throughout a successful culinary career.

Postponed vs cancelled event?

A postponed event is an event which the original date of the event has been rescheduled. A canceled event is an event that no longer takes place. On your application you can use the rescheduled date but you cannot use a canceled date, even though you had the intent of participating.

Who can attend an AAC dinner?

AAC Fellows are always welcomed at any AAC event. Depending on the event it may be open to include ACF members and guests.

Should I attend an AAC dinner?

AAC dinners are always a memorable event. Given the opportunity to attend an AAC dinner you should attend for the experience.

How do I get started?

Review the application online to see if you meet the mandatory and elective requirements. Than have an AAC Fellow send an email to requesting an application. Don’t wait until the deadline for submittal (December 1). Start early!

What is the purpose of the American Academy of Chefs?

To objectively honor certified chefs of the federation for devotion to the culinary profession. The AAC shall encourage the Fellows of this honor society to pass on their wealth of knowledge to future Fellows and chefs of the culinary profession.