The American
Academy of Chefs American Academy of Chefs Culinary Hall of Fame™ Members

2021   Earl R. Arrowood, CCC®, CCE®, AAC®
    Thomas J. Macrina, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®, HBOT
    Michael Ty, CEC®, AAC®
    Elliot Katz, HAAC® (Honorary)
2020   Mohammed (Bobby) Moghaddam, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®
    Reimund D. Pitz, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®
    Hans J. Schadler, CEC®, AAC®
    Donald C. McMillan, CEC®, AAC®
  ** John Caressimo, CCC®, CCE®, AAC®
  ** Daniel D'Angelo, CEC®, AAC®
2019   Joe G. Aiello, CEC®, AAC®
    Luigi G. Baretto, CEC®, AAC®
  ** Michel D. Bouit, CEC®, AAC®
    Michael L. Minor, CEC®, AAC®
  ** Chris Neary, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®
    Frank J. Setera, CEC®, AAC®, HHOF (Honorary)
2018 ** Walter Bronowitz, CCC, CCE®, AAC®
    Joe Eidem, CEC®, AAC®
    Nicholas Follacchio, CEC®, AAC®
  ** John Kacala, CEC®, AAC®
    George O’Palenick, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®
2017   Jess Barbosa, CEC®, AAC® (Honorary)
    John D. Folse, CEC®, AAC®, HBOT
    Denise S. Graffeo, CEC®, AAC®
  ** Roger S. Kelly, CEC®, AAC®
    Frederick A. Robinson, CEC®, AAC®
2016 ** Robert M. Forquer, CEC®, AAC®
    Wolfgang D. Geckeler, CEC®, AAC®
    Walter W. Leible, CMC®, AAC®
    Louis Venezia, CEC®, AAC®
2015   Salvatore J. Campagna, CEC®, HAAC® (Honorary)
  ** Enzo “Frank” Gronda, CEC®, AAC®
    Willie Lewis, CEC®, AAC®
    Jesse Mercado, CEC®, AAC®
    Bill Sy, CEC®, AAC®
2014 * Harry Brockwell, CEC®, AAC®
    Fawzi A. Ottman, CEC®, AAC®
    Leopold K. Schaeli, CMC®, AAC®
    James B. Singerling (Honorary)
2013 ** Robert Hatoff, HAAC® (Honorary)
    John Kinsella, CMC®, CCE®, WGMC, AAC®
  * Robert Lippert, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®
  ** Norman Myerow, CEPC, CCE®, AAC®
    Louis Perrotte, CEC®, AAC®
2012 ** Anton Flory, CMC®, WGMC, AAC®
    Christian Inden, WGMC, AAC®, CHA
    Anthony Patalano, AAC®
    Pierre H. Rausch, CEC®, WCC, AAC®
2011   Anthony Graffeo, CEC®, AAC®
    John Kaufmann, CEC®, AAC®
  ** William “Bill” Lyman, CEC®, AAC®
  * Bruce Riddell, CEC®, AAC®
    Jim Doherty, HAAC®, HBOT (Honorary)
2010   Donald Antinore, CEC®, CCE®, CCA®, AAC®
  ** Noel Cullen, CMC®, AAC®
    Jim Douglas, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®
  * Bernard Urban, CEC®, AAC®
    Frederick Dame, HAAC®, HBOT (Honorary)
2009   Michel A. Escoffier (Honorary)
  ** Gerhart Koennecke, AAC®
    Phil Learned, CEC®, AAC®
    John Minniti, CCE®, AAC®, HBOT
    Michael Rand, HAAC® (Honorary)
2008   Manfred W. Bast, CMPC®, CEC®, AAC®
2007 * James M. Berrini, CEC®, AAC®
2006   Bert Cutino, CEC®, AAC®
  * Biagio Dente, CEC®, AAC®
    Bruno Marti, HAAC® (Honorary)
2005 * Gino Corelli, CEC®, AAC®
    Fritz Sonnenschmidt, CMC®, AAC®
    Tom Schreiber, HAAC®, HBOT (Honorary)
2004 ** Jack Braun, CEC®, AAC®
  * Paul Pantano, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®
  * Johannes Verdonkschot, CEC®, AAC®
    Martin Yan, HAAC® (Honorary)
2003 * U. Max Behr, CEC®, AAC®
    Ferdinand E. Metz, CMC®, AAC®
  * Walter E. “Spud” Rhea, CMPC®, CEC®, CCE®, AAC® (Honorary)
2002 * Harry Hoffstadt, CEC®, AAC®
  * Noble Masi, CEPC, AAC®
    Burton Hobson, HAAC® (Honorary)
2001 * Amato Ferrero, CEC®, AAC®
  * Edmund Repucci, CEC®, AAC®
  * Bill Gallagher, WACS (Honorary)
2000 * Jean Clary, CEC®, AAC®
    Roland Schaeffer, CEC®, AAC®
    Dr. Morris Gaebe (Honorary)
1999 * Robert H. Nelson, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®
    Graham Kerr (Honorary)
1998 * Stanley B. “Doc” Jensen, CEC®, AAC®
  * Oliver H. Sommer, CEC®, AAC®
  * L. Edwin Brown, HAAC® (Honorary)
1997 * Henry Haller, CEC®, AAC®
  * Hans Roth, CEC®, AAC®
  * Paul Prudhomme (Honorary)
1996 * Darrell Anderson, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®
  * Dr. Louis Szathmary, AAC®
  * Julia Child (Honorary)
1995 * Willy Rossel, AAC®
  ** Dr. Thomas Ryan (Honorary)
  * Richard Bosnjak, CEC®, AAC®
  ** Anthony Bartolotta (Honorary)
1993 * Lawrence Conti, CEC®, AAC®
  * Hans Bueschkens (Honorary)
  ** Gen. John D. McLaughlin (Honorary)
1992 * Joseph Amendola, CEPC, CCE®, AAC®
1991 * John L. Bandera, CEC®, AAC®
  * Casey Sinkeldam, CEPC, CEC®
1990 * Jon Greenwalt, CEC®, AAC®
1989 * C. Orby Anderson, CEC®
  ** Pierre Berard
  ** Peter Berini
  ** Eugene Blumenschein
  ** Abel Bomberault
  ** Emile Burgermeister
  ** Charles Champion
  ** Alec Cline, CEC®
  ** Joseph Donon
  ** Eugene Ertle
  ** Albert Fries
  * Charles Finance
  * Baron H. Galand, CEC®
  ** Otto Gentsch
  ** Claude Jarrin
  * Dr. L. J. Minor (Honorary)
  ** Edouard Panchard
  * Rene Roncari
  * Hermann Rusch
  ** Charles Scotto
  ** Otto Spielbichler
  ** Jack Sullivan
  ** George Waldner
1988  ** Paul Laesecke
  ** Raymond Marshall
  * Deceased
  **  Posthumous Induction