The American Academy of Chefs AAC Inspired Book Fund Donors

The Academy sincerely thanks these individuals and organizations for their generous donations. You can show your support, too. Donate Now

  • Sue Andersen
  • Deborah A. Bando-Duit, CEC, AAC
  • Stafford T. DeCambra, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC
  • Michael A. Deihl, CEC, CCA, AAC
  • Americo S. DiFronzo, CEC, CCA, AAC
  • Gary L. Fuller, CEC, CCE, AAC
  • Michael H. Garbin, CEC, AAC
  • Michele M. Gaw, AAC
  • John Kukucka, AAC
  • Harold L. Laman, CEC, AAC
  • L. Fernando Mojica, CEC
  • Rajeev V. Patgaonkar, CEC, AAC
  • Dieter C. Preiser, CEC, AAC
  • Jeffrey A. Rotz, CEC, CCE, AAC
  • Casey E. Shiller, CEPC, CCE, AAC
  • Michael D. Tadlock
  • Christopher Allen Tanner, CEC, CCE, AAC
  • Lawrence G. Weiss, CCC, CCE, AAC

Company & Chapter Contributions

  • Erie Community College