The American Academy of Chefs Sponsorship Opportunities

American Academy of Chefs® (AAC®), the honor society of the American Culinary Federation (ACF), embodies the highest standards of professionalism in the industry. Our main events are during ACF’s National Convention.

During any AAC® function there are several ways and levels that you can participate as a sponsor. Have your product showcased during the AAC Reception. Your product can be showcased as an ingredient used in a composed dish or as the main course.

Sponsorship Opportunities - National Convention

American Academy of Chefs® Dinner

An exclusive and elegant formal dinner at which Academy fellows and guests welcome newly inducted chefs.

American Academy of Chefs® Reception

Make a first impression on this group of prestigious culinarians with a lesser financial commitment.

American Academy of Chefs® Spouses & Guests Brunch

A traditional and casual gathering for Fellows Spouses and their guests.

Student Event

Held at each National Conference, this event allows AAC® members to give back to the profession by providing an educational opportunity to student and junior culinarians

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Thank you to our sponsors.