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December 2012 - “Cold Case: Revealing Immune-Boosting Foods”

With the holiday season upon us, we also get the rippling effect of the cold and flu season. Flu shots, washing hands, downing vitamins, drinking lots of water, regular exercise and getting enough sleep are all ways to help build up your body’s immune system, but a healthy diet may prove to be your body’s biggest and best protection against unwanted pathogens. Full Article

November 2012 - “Going Greek”

Greek cuisine is gaining more attention as researchers continue to link its authentic mix of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats and unsaturated fats to reducing risks of everything from heart disease to breast cancer. Here's a look at some traditional Greek dishes, and how an added twist or two can further maximize flavor and nutrition. Full Article

October 2012 - “Arsenic: Poison and Remedy”

Arsenic has become a growing concern for the public in light of two recent studies that reveal “worrisome” levels of arsenic in rice and rice products. While it may be disturbing to know that arsenic is found in rice, it may or may not be a relief to know that arsenic is found everywhere. But before you begin taking rice dishes off the menu, it’s best to take a look at arsenic’s ubiquitous past and present. Full Article

September 2012 - “All About Eggs”

The reputation around the egg has gone from bad to good, and now the most recent headlines have it revisiting the negative side. Many nutrition professionals and consumers are leery about the constant flip-flopping of critical judgment placed on the nutrition adequacy of the egg. Regardless of the egg’s shifting reputation within the realm of nutrition, eggs play a vital role in the kitchen, and there’s no denying eggs are here to stay. Full Article

August 2012 - “Lingering Tannins”

Mostly associated with wine and tea, tannins are ubiquitous plant substances responsible for the astringent taste found in many foods and beverages. If you’ve ever felt a mouth-puckering, gum-drying sensation following a sip of over-steeped tea or a bite of unripe fruit, you’ve experienced tannins hard at work. Full Article

July 2012 - “Allergen Awareness: the Gluten-Free Edition”

Gluten is everywhere, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you are not one of the three million people that have celiac disease—an autoimmune reaction to gluten—or among the millions who avoid gluten for other health reasons. With allergy and gluten issues on the rise, we are seeing a growing number of restaurants catering to customers with food sensitivities. Full Article

June 2012 - “Sodium: A Little Goes a Long Way”

Sodium plays major roles in cooking and in our bodies. Besides adding flavor, it gives some foods its texture and consistency and, in some products, prevents spoilage. However, most foods contain more salt than necessary to maintain quality and taste. Full Article

May 2012 - “Fermentation: Preserving Tradition and Nutrition”

As one of the oldest forms of food preservation and preparation, fermentation has been around throughout recorded human history. Still, many consider the process somewhat of a mystery. Most associate alcohol with fermentation, but many are unaware of the everyday foods produced through fermentation, how the fermentation process occurs and its slew of potential health benefits. Full Article

April 2012 - “Nordic Invasion”

With IKEA being a household name for home goods, it’s no surprise that other seemingly Scandinavian—or, more broadly deemed, “Nordic”—influences are sweeping the nation, and not just by way of minimalist home décor. Nordic influences are rippling through the world’s top restaurants. In fact, according to Food Technical Consulting (FTC), one of the top food trends in 2012 is Nordic cuisine, also dubbed “New Nordic Cuisine.” Full Article

March 2012 - “Ingredient Face-Off: Round 1”

Whether they are new or just newfound, food products are always cropping up, and they often leave their conventional counterparts behind. You can deem it rivalry or just “healthy” competition, but we’ve decided to have a friendly ingredient face-off. This isn’t so much about finding a winner as it is to debunk any pending health claims, while allowing the true nature of each ingredient to shine. Full Article

February 2012 - “Why Most Diets Fail and How You Can Help”

Millions of people go on a diet each year, whether to lose weight or for health reasons such as allergies or diabetes, but a recent study of 31 long-term diet plans conducted by the American Psychological Association found that up to two-thirds of participants ended up heavier than when they started. Chefs, walk into your dining room and look around…someone is bound to be dieting. Full Article

January 2012 - “A Look Back at 2011—the Year of Culinary Nutrition”

Three surveys were given to ACF chefs during the 2010–2011 academic year. We discovered several significant observations when we compared the results of these surveys with those of past surveys. The findings have been narrowed down to define 2011 in terms of culinary nutrition. Full Article

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ACFEF Chef & Child Foundation and Clemson University aim to combat the rise in rates of obesity and chronic diseases associated with poor diet behavior. Culinary nutrition is the integration of culinary skills and nutrition knowledge to create an innovative outlook on food prepared with culinary confidence and nutrition alertness. These articles will better serve and equip chefs nationwide with the needed knowledge and resources so they can promote culinary nutrition awareness in the United States.

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