Seal of Approval Marketing Benefits

ACF will provide digital artwork of its Seal of Approval upon passing the testing process and submitting the first payment installment. Recognition and endorsement from ACF via the Seal of Approval provides tremendous marketability for all products approved by this program.

The Seal of Approval Provides Valuable Marketing Opportunities

  • Packaging
  • Advertising
  • Point-of-purchase promotion
  • Trade-show application

As a Seal Bearer, You’ll Receive Merchandising and Added-Value to Include

  • Complimentary advertising in The National Culinary Review, the flagship publication of ACF, distributed monthly to 22,000 readers
  • Exposure on ACF’s Web site, which receives more than 105,000 visitors per month
  • Use of the ACF member mailing list for direct mail promotions
  • Media-relations support
  • Brand quality and equity that appeals to a chef’s sense of excellence and quality
  • Opportunities to build an immediate rapport with culinarians in a variety of segments

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