A team of seasoned culinary experts have come together to coach, advise and lead ACF Culinary Team USA. These culinary professionals will lead the team down a path of excellence and success over the next 4 years culminating at the 2024 IKA Culinary Olympics.


  • J. Kevin Storm J. Kevin Storm, CEC, AAC ACF Culinary Team USA Manager
  • Randy J. Torres Randy J. Torres, CEC, AAC ACF Culinary Team USA Assistant Manager
  • Susan E. Notter Susan E. Notter, CEPC ACF Culinary Team USA Pastry Manager
  • John Coletta John Coletta Logistics Manager
  • Christopher A. Desens Christopher A. Desens, CEC, CCA, AAC Business Manager
  • Thomas J. Macrina Thomas J. Macrina, CEC, CCA, AAC Foundation Chair & Team Coach


  • Edward Adel Edward Adel, CEC Youth Team Advisor
  • Timothy Bucci Timothy Bucci, CMC, CCE, AAC National/Youth Team Advisor
  • George G. Castaneda George G. Castaneda, CEC National/Youth/Regional Team Advisor
  • Jason D. Hall Jason D. Hall, CMC National Team Advisor
  • Steven Jilleba Steven Jilleba, CMC, CCE, AAC National Team Advisor
  • Paul A. Kampff Paul A. Kampff National Team Advisor
  • Aidan P. Murphy Aidan P. Murphy, CMC, AAC National Team Advisor
  • Reimund D. Pitz Reimund D. Pitz, CEC, CCE, AAC National Team Advisor
  • Russell Scott Russell Scott, CMC National Team Advisor