Hot-Food Requirements

Hot-Food Requirements

General Rules

  • Dishes should reflect items that could be prepared for 110 portions
  • Recipes and pictures must be present, as well as an electronic copy of these items
  • Prepared stocks not in any finish form
  • Peel vegetables, not shaped
  • All ACF rules from category K apply (refer to competition manual)
  • Apprentice can NOT do any cooking or knife work, only cleaning of station

Hot Fish Course

Fish or Crustacean (Alaskan Seafood) Salmon, Cod, Black Cod, Halibut, King Crab

  • Other shell fish items may be used to accompany Alaskan seafood item
  • Need to show a variety of cooking methods on the plate
  • Fish may be filleted but not portioned, all shell fish needs to be in shell

Main Dish

Beef, Lamb, Veal or Pork (Proteins fabricated on site)

  • A minimum of two different cooking methods on protein are needed
  • 8 portions, 2½ hours to prepare
    • 4 portions will served in a 20 minute window to the Judges
    • 4 remaining portions will be served to potential sponsors and others restaurant style


Two restaurant style plated desserts
2½ hours time frame

Each dessert must have a minimum of three different components with appropriate garnishes and sauces

  • One of the plated desserts should focus on “Chocolate” and “Nut” flavors
  • One plated dessert should focus on Fruits
  • Incorporate both warm and frozen components into your desserts
  • There should not be a repetition of technique or flavor

The following may be brought in:

  • ice cream and sorbet bases
  • sponge components (uncut, flat pieces)

8 portions of each, 20 minute service window

  • 2 portions of each to the judges
  • 6 other of each served to potential sponsors or others, after service window is complete

Recipes and pictures must be present, as well as an electronic copy of these items