ACF Culinary Team USA

ACF Culinary Team USA Tryout Requirements

Savory Requirements

Below are the category requirements for the savory program. Candidates will have one hour to set up their kitchen and 12 hours to prepare/work on their items on the first day. The buffet platter is the only part done entirely on the second day during the five-hour window, in which candidates must also finish and display their items.

Buffet Platter of Seafood, Meat, Game, or Fowl

  • Three contrived garnishes
  • One salad garnish
  • Two sauces
  • Main protein must be used three different ways
  • One piece must be free of any stuffing and forcemeat preparation
  • One piece must display a modern presentation that is creative but sensible using inlays or forcemeat preparations
  • Platter will be for eight portions plus one show plate for viewing
  • Platter to be presented in a modern and service sensible manner, a focus on craftsmanship, especially the glazing will be reviewed
  • All work on platter shall be done at the tryout venue with the exception of cracker garnishes
  • No vessels on the platter

Four Course Dinner

  • Four course dinner to include appetizer, seafood starter, main plate featuring veal, beef or lamb and a composed salad

Finger Foods

  • Four varieties, times five each of finger foods—two hot presented cold and two cold
  • Must be of a creative nature using vessels and concepts that can be picked up and eaten with one hand
  • Craftsmanship is important
  • Items should be unique in nature while focusing presentation on big flavors and textures in small bites concept

General Information

  • You shall have one hour to set up your kitchen space
  • You shall have 12 hours to prepare and work on your items
  • You shall have 5 hours the following morning for finishing and displaying your food
  • Vegetables can be brought in cleaned and peeled but not cut or shaped
  • Any special needs should be discussed with the team manager
  • Equal table space will be given to each chef; no decorations or lights are allowed as the focus is on the food. You can, however, use risers for your plates on the table.
  • For four course meal and finger foods, all work and prep can be brought in but must be assembled on site
  • Vegetables can be brought in cleaned and peeled but not cut or shaped
  • Applicants need to stay for critique. Travel times should be discussed with team manager.

Pastry Requirements

Below are the category requirements for the pastry program. The total display is not limited to, but must include, and show, the skill of the pastry chef in one of the following: sugar work, chocolate work and pastillage. Candidates will have 12 hours to prepare/work on their items on the first day and five hours on the second day to finish and display their items.

A Platter of Petit-fours with Showpiece

  • Five varieties, six of each for the platter
  • A centerpiece display that matches the presentation of the petit fours
  • Petit fours should be displayed on socles or stands that are made by the pastry chef showing his or her skills in the required disciplines
  • All components for the petit-fours and showpiece can be done in advance and brought in but must be assembled on-site
  • There should be a theme between the petit-fours and showpiece

Individual Pastry Plates of a Modern Nature

  • Six portions of identical plated dessert
  • Plates will be tasted and every item on the pastry plate needs to be edible
  • New use of techniques and flavors is welcomed, as well as classical pastries that have a modern presentation while focusing on classical flavors

General Guidelines

  • Finished pastries to be presented buffet style (6 foot table will be available)
  • Petit-fours and plated dessert must be assembled on site
  • Pastillage may be brought in
  • Sponges and cakes can be brought in
  • All showpieces to be assembled on site
  • Other components for all category requirements may be brought in for final assembly
  • All plates, platters and tools must be brought in by candidate