Plugrá European Style Butter Profile

Plugrá European Style Butter

Plugrá European Style Butter

Baking is a labor of love, especially with the demands of delivering consistently high-quality creations to your customers. With Plugrá, you can bake confidently. It’s the only butter crafted to deliver flawless performance every time—to make every day a great baking day.

Bake confidently with the only butter crafted for flawless performance:

  • Premium-performing European Style Butter for precision baking
  • Developed for chefs by chefs
  • Specifically developed to deliver consistently high-quality baked goods for your customers
  • Worth every penny through superior quality, peace of mind, and reduced waste
  • The trusted choice for expert bakers committed to success
  • Slow-churned for less moisture, creating the optimal butterfat content for higher-rising cakes, more evenly crisp cookies, and flakier pastries

Plugrá is the only butter to carry the American Culinary Federation seal of approval and is the exclusive butter of the French Pastry School.

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