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Family owned CÉMOI Group is heir to a 200 year tradition of French Chocolate.

Today, the Group is No 1 in Chocolate in France, employs more than 3.400 staff, with 23 sites worldwide, including 15 factories. The Group sells 260.000 tonnes of chocolate every year, including sales of cocoa beans. It is one of the most ardent defenders of Made in France chocolate. In 2015, the independent French family group (3rd generation and based in Perpignan) generated a turnover of almost €820m.

In 2017 CÉMOI launched two Gourmet ranges internationally to provide Made in France products to international professionals: “Empreinte” for high-end requirements and “Succession” for quality lovers.

All these products are part of the Transparence Cacao program, which represents CÉMOI’s commitment to controlling each of the steps in the cocoa supply chain so CÉMOI can offer consumers traceability and quality.

CEMOI is proud to control the entire process: from cocoa farm to the finished product.

Come and visit us at ACF National Convention & Show in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 15–19, 2018 …. and discover our website www.cemoi.com.

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