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Custom Culinary - Be True to the Food

2505 S. Finley Road
Lombard, IL 60148


For more than half a century, Custom Culinary Inc. has been perfecting the art of flavorful foods. We are a family-owned company passionately dedicated to providing a full line of authentic tasting Culinary Flavor Systems that consistently offer best-in-class performance and enable foodservice professionals to create their own signature menu items.

Custom Culinary® is proud to offer some of the top culinary product lines in the industry:

Custom Culinary® Gold Label Bases use real meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables to give signature dishes their authentic flavor. Crafted by our culinary experts, we use the highest-quality ingredients and the strictest quality controls to provide you with inspired results. Custom Culinary® offers the widest range of made-from scratch flavors that give foodservice professionals a wide range of menu possibilities. Put our passion to work for you.

Custom Culinary® Gold Label Ready-To-Use Sauces deliver unmistakably authentic flavor in a convenient heat-and-serve pouch. Created by award-winning chefs and made with high-quality ingredients, including real dairy, freshly sautéed vegetables and authentic wine reductions. Our ready-to-use sauces streamline kitchen preparation and delight even the most refined palates. Whether your signature dish calls for a classic mother sauce or an on-trend ethnic accent, Gold Label Sauces have the perfect solution.

Custom Culinary® PanRoast® Gravy Mixes were created for the foodservice industry by our culinary specialists, who have drawn on years of experience to craft these exceptional authentic gravies that taste like real pan drippings, and are ready in just minutes. Only the highest quality ingredients“including prime roasted drippings and select seasonings”go into these rich savory gravies that you can ladle on with pride.

And that’s just the beginning. Custom Culinary® has a wide range of bases, gravies, and sauces, each created to offer culinary professionals the highest quality, most authentic tasting food products available. True taste begins with Custom Culinary®.

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