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NEWCHEF Fashion Inc.


3223 E. 46th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90058

G. Lucien Salama
(800) 639-2433
Fax: (323) 581-0077

Newchef Fashion Inc. was founded in 1989. We have revolutionized the traditional culinary industry by creating elegant chef’s coat with trims, ribbons, prints, shoulder pads, and our “V” slimming lines.

Our entry into the culinary fashion scene was quite inauspicious. We had both left successful careers in Europe, Chantal as a fashion designer and I as an entrepreneur involved in manufacturing and merchandising. We settled in California seduced by its sunshine.

We looked at different business ventures for about a year or so trying to find one in which we could make our mark in the world. Instead, the culinary fashion business found us! A friend had purchased a number of chef’s uniforms from France and enlisted Chantal’s help. I went with Chantal and the both of us pounded the pavement knocking on restaurant doors trying to sell the uniforms we had on hand.

We discovered that even though they were not buying those uniforms, they were open to purchase a new kind of uniform. We reasoned that since all the uniforms on the market we had seen at the time lacked flair and style, there was a market for an elegant chef’s coat. Chantal utilized her designing skills and designed a special jacket and presented it to Toque Blanche organization, our first customer.

One thing led to another, and by July 1989 we had committed to having a booth space at the American Culinary Federation National Show in Las Vegas. I was not completely convinced that I wanted to get into the culinary fashion business. At the time, I was only looking for some thing to keep me busy, so after adding up the cost I tried to no avail to cancel the booth.

Among the endorsers for the new uniform was Mr. Roberto Germetta, Corporate Chef for Nestle Corporation. He told us, “Do the show,” and that “the ACF Chefs will love your coats.” Partly because we could not get out of our commitment, Chantal and I went to Las Vegas, and a successful business was born. Our Jacket with its slimming line, light beautiful fabric, ribbon and trims was a huge success. We decided to use the following slogan: “If you Look Good, you Feel Good, you ‘Cook’ Good!”

ACF Culinary Team USA

We have come a long way since then. We have today over 10,000 accounts, among which, are the most prestigious Chefs, Hotels, Casinos, Country Clubs, Culinary Schools, and Cruise Lines.

It will be an honor to welcome you as a new member of the Newchef Fashion family of friends.

G. Lucien Salama

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