Childhood Nutrition Day Events

Find a Childhood Nutrition Day event in your area on the list below. If you are hosting an event, be sure to register so we can add you to this list.


  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event Marvaleen Wallace West Palm Beach, FLDate: 10/14/2107 Description: Chef Wallace will teach the students about the importance of eating "Colorful Foods" and how important they are to keep them healthy and strong.
  • ACF Tampa Bay Culinary Association, Inc. Vincent Blancato Hudson, FLDate: 10/20/2017 Description: One week (on Friday afternoon) the students are in the Garden and the following Friday afternoon volunteer Senior Chef Vince Blancato is in their classrooms presenting a nutritional lesson and encouraging the children to make healthy food choices.


  • Delaware North Companies Kevin J. Proper, CSC Yellowstone, MTDate: 10/27/2017 Description: Discovery Path is an annual event held at the Holiday Inn @ West Yellowstone. It is a three day event where we teach local students about sustainability, recycling and eating health. They also get a chance to learn about Yellowstone National Park and get to compete in a cooking challenge on the last day.

North Carolina

  • ACF Inc. Charlotte Chapter/Central Piedmont Community College John R. LaTour Charlotte, NCDate: 10/16/2017 Description: Rainbow Taste Test and 5 A Day the Color Way in low-income childcare center

New York

  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event MaryAnn P. Kiernan, CCC, CCE, AAC, MBA Syracuse, NYDate: 10/27/2107 Description: All about Squash! Showing squash in its raw form and then cooked form.
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