Lifetime Certification

ACF offers Lifetime Certifications to recognize chefs who have demonstrated a lifetime of commitment and dedication to the culinary profession. Lifetime certificants are great leaders in our industry and encourage and motivate others to achieve excellence in the profession.

Lifetime certifications are available for certified chefs who reach the age of 62 or who by the age of 55 are fully retired from the industry. Certified chefs who retire before reaching the age of 55 for disability reasons can also apply. Please complete a PDF Lifetime Certification Application.

Recent Lifetime Certifications

Join ACF in congratulating cooks and chefs who have received lifetime certifications within the past 180 days.

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Go to top of page ACF Birmingham Alabama Chapter (AL012)

December 2016John F. Wilson, CECBirmingham, ALCEC

Go to top of page ACF San Francisco Chapter (CA023)

December 2016Michael Kalanty, CEPC, CCESan Francisco, CACCE
Michael Kalanty, CEPC, CCESan Francisco, CACEPC

Go to top of page Connecticut Chefs Association (CT011)

October 2016George Labody-Gunyho, CECWest Hartford, CTCEC
December 2016Kenneth A. Bergeron, CECKensington, CTCEC

Go to top of page ACF Tampa Bay Culinary Association Inc (FL051)

September 2016Clare A. Bailey, CECLakeland, FLCEC

Go to top of page Fort Lauderdale ACF, Inc. (FL061)

November 2016Rona Moulu, CECFort Lauderdale, FLCEC

Go to top of page ACF Greater Miami Chapter Epicurean Club (FL071)

January 2017Diane Liles, CCCHollywood, FLCCC

Go to top of page ACF St Augustine Chapter (FL101)

September 2016Henry Miller, CCElkton, FLCC

Go to top of page American Culinary Federation (ACF) - Atlanta Chefs Association, Inc. (GA011)

August 2016Nancy A. Higgins, CEPC, CCECumming, GACCE
September 2016John Oechsner, CEPC, CCEAvondale Estates, GACEPC
November 2016Michael Patrick McEvoy, CECLawrenceville, GACEC
December 2016James M. Morris, CCELawrenceville, GACCE
January 2017John Oechsner, CEPC, CCEAvondale Estates, GACCE

Go to top of page ACF Honolulu Chapter (HI013)

August 2016Henry J. Holthaus, CECHauula, HICEC

Go to top of page ACF of Southeast Iowa (IA023)

January 2017Robert A. Newell, CECOttumwa, IACEC

Go to top of page ACF Chefs de Cuisine of the Inland Northwest (ID053)

January 2017Robert McDaniel, CECHayden, IDCEC

Go to top of page ACF Louis Joliet Chapter (IL052)

September 2016Frederick N. Ferrara, CEC, CCEJoliet, ILCCE

Go to top of page ACF Chefs of Northwest Indiana (IN072)

November 2016Nicolas Luna, CECSchererville, INCEC

Go to top of page ACF Kentucky Chapter (KY012)

September 2016De'Borah L. Winston, CPCLos Angeles, CACPC

Go to top of page Epicurean Club of Boston (MA041)

January 2017John R. DiSessa, CEC, AACLeominster, MACEC

Go to top of page ACF Flint / Saginaw Valley Chapter (MI052)

October 2016John Zelko, CEC, AACBurton, MICEC
December 2016David W Miller, CEPCBirch Run, MICEPC

Go to top of page Chefs de Cuisine Association of St Louis Inc (MO012)

December 2016Thomas R. Elkin, CEC, AACSaint Louis, MOCEC
Robert E. Wilson, CEC, CCEMc Leansboro, ILCEC
Robert E. Wilson, CEC, CCEMc Leansboro, ILCCE

Go to top of page ACF North Carolina Chapter (NC001)

December 2016Jeffrey A. Piccirillo, CECWeaverville, NCCEC

Go to top of page ACF Professional Chefs of New Hampshire (NH021)

January 2017Elaine A. VanDyke, CCEKingston, NHCCE

Go to top of page ACF Piscataqua Chapter (NH041)

September 2016Charles A. Limoggio, CECBrunswick, MECEC

Go to top of page ACF Cleveland Chapter Inc (OH011)

November 2016James D. Perko, CEC, AACBrecksville, OHCEC
December 2016James L. Miller, CEC, AACMentor, OHCEC

Go to top of page ACF Greater Cincinnati Chapter (OH031)

August 2016Michael J. Carver, CEC, CCACovington, KYCEC
Michael J. Carver, CEC, CCACovington, KYCCA

Go to top of page ACF Pro Chefs Oregon (OR013)

August 2016Nick A. Geren, CSC, CCEEstacada, ORCSC
Nick A. Geren, CSC, CCEEstacada, ORCCE

Go to top of page ACF Laurel Highlands Chapter (PA021)

September 2016Patrick J. Joyce, CECPittsburgh, PACEC

Go to top of page ACF Rhode Island Chapter (RI011)

December 2016Robert W. Zielinski, CEPCSmithfield, RICEPC

Go to top of page Texas Chefs Association (TX012)

October 2016Pablo Guerrero, CECAustin, TXCEC
December 2016Leslie L. Bartosh, CECLeague City, TXCEC

Go to top of page ACF Washington State Chefs Association (WA013)

August 2016Steven B. Schrader, CCAGig Harbor, WACCA

Go to top of page ACF National Member

August 2016Jennifer L. Solloway, CEPC, CCEOregon House, CACEPC
September 2016Kenneth S. Young, CECSouth Portland, MECEC

Go to top of page No Chapter Affiliation

August 2016Susan C. Barnes, CC,CPCLouisville, KYCC
Susan C. Barnes, CC,CPCLouisville, KYCPC
Paul Zuke, CC, CPCGarland, TXCC
Paul Zuke, CC, CPCGarland, TXCPC
September 2016Kevin A. Fallen, CECBuxton, MECEC
Donald T. Gardner, Jr., CSCMount Pleasant, SCCSC
Ketly Dieudonne Pierre, CEC, CEPC, CCEHollywood, FLCEPC
January 2017Frank A. Terranova, CECCranston, RICEC Continuing Education:  Easy as 123...