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Download iCalendar file for this competition April 25–27, 2014 Chefs de Cuisine of St. Louis Inc.

Show Site: L'Ecole Culinaire, Saint Louis, MO
Show Chair: Paul Frintrup, CEC -
Telephone: (636) 405-4112
Categories: A - D, SA - SD, K1 - K9, SK1 - SK9, P1 - P2, SP1 - SP2, SW
Lead Judge: Kevin Storm, CEC, CCA, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition April 26–27, 2014 ACF Colorado Chefs Association

Show Site: Denver Art Institute, Denver, CO
Show Chair: Johnathan St. Peter, CEC, CCE -
Telephone: (970) 255-2663
Fax: (970) 255-2650
Categories: A-D, SA-SD, F1-F2, K1-K9, SK1-SK9, P1-P2, SP1-SP2
Lead Judge: Jill Bosich, CEC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition May 3–4, 2014 ACF Chefs & Cooks of the Catskill Mountains

Show Site: SUNY Delhi, Delhi, NY
Show Chair: Jessica Backus-Foster -
Telephone: (607) 746-4318
Fax: (607) 746-4769
Categories: A-D, SA-SD, F1-2, K1-9, Sk1-9, P1-2, SP1-SP2
Lead Judge: Dale Miller, CMC, WGMC, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition May 4, 2014 ACF Nations Capital Chefs Association

Show Site: Anne Arundel Community College / Hotel, Glen Burnie, MD
Show Chair: John Johnson, CEC, CCE, AAC -
Telephone: (410) 777-1225
Fax: (410) 777-1143
Categories: SK1 - SK9; SP1
Lead Judge: Michael Beriau, CEC, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition May 14, 2014 ACF Central Arkansas Cooks Association, Inc.

Show Site: Hot Springs Convention Center, Hot Springs National Park, AR
Show Chair: Daniel Capello -
Telephone: (501) 519-3282
Fax: (501) 821-7526
Categories: K7 & SK7
Lead Judge: Stafford DeCambra, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition May 17, 2014 ACF Washington State Chefs Association

Show Site: Le Cordon Blue of Seattle, Seattle, WA
Show Chair: Michael Baldwin, CCE -
Telephone: (360) 752-8400
Categories: A, C, SA, SC, SD, F1-2, K1-9, SK1 - SK9, P1-2, SP1-2

Download iCalendar file for this competition May 17, 2014 ACF Philadelphia Delaware Chefs Association

Show Site: The Restaurant School At Walnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA
Show Chair: Tim McLean, CEC -
Telephone: (414) 477-7146
Categories: A-D, SA- SD, K1-9, SK1, SK7, SK9, P1-2, SP1-2
Lead Judge: Christopher Tanner, CEC, WCC, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition May 31, 2014 ACF Long Island Chapter

Show Site: Monroe College, New Rochelle, NY
Show Chair: Frank Costantino, EdD, CEC, CCE, AAC -
Telephone: (914) 740-6448
Categories:A-D, SA-SD; E1; F6; K1-K9; SK1-SK9; P1-P2; SW
SW - Open to Monroe Culinary Students: "The Dean's Cup" SK mystery protein, 15 minute set-up, 10 minute menu window, 1 hour cook-time, 10 minute plate up. 2 portions - mystery protein, plus 5 "other" ingredients including produce and starch element. Limited Common Kitchen Provided.
Lead Judge: Michael Vignapiano, CCE, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition June 19–20, 2014 ACF Mid Hudson Culinary Association

Show Site: UMass Amherst, Plymouth, MA
Show Chair: John Griffin, CEC, CEPC -
Telephone: (845) 532-2293
A competition meeting will be held on June 19th at 3pm in Berkshire Dining Commons.
A market basket of ingredients will be viewed by all teams and one hour will be allocated to write the menu and select the items from the common pantry to be placed on a speed rack with the market basket. Speed Racks will be given 20 minutes prior to your cooking time on June 20th, you have thrity minutes to return the rack and unused ingredients.
Each team will consist of four members and will have a cooking station with two parts to the competition:
Phase one - Each team will have 2 hours cooking time for the individual plated portion of 4 plates from a 3 course menu. You must have 1 entrée and 2 courses may be selected from the following soup/appetizer/salad/dessert, the menu must follow a theme
Phase two - Each team will have 1 hour to produce 10 servings for a buffet platter, hot or cold no duplication of plated items, no soup, and one plate for judging.
Lead Judge: Noble Masi, CEPC, CMB, AAC, HOF -

Download iCalendar file for this competition July 10, 2014 NACUFS - Baltimore, MD

Show Site: Hilton Hotel Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
Show Chair: Percell Green -
Telephone: (717) 766-2511 ext. 7223
Fax: (717) 691-2343
Categories: K8
Lead Judge: Donald Miller, CEC, CCE, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition August 17, 2014 Nation's Capital Chef's Assoc. & Greater Baltimore Chapters

Show Site: Stratford University, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
Show Chair: Derrick Davenport, CEC, CEPC -
Telephone: (703) 946-2125
Categories: A-D, SA-SD, K1-9, SK1-9, P1-2, SP1-2, W
W- Wildcard - Minor's Culinary Classic will be sponsored by Nestle Foodservice, Minor's Division. The category will follow all of the K Category guidelines but the Chef's competing will be required to feature one of the Minor's concentrates within the dish. SINGLE Competitors will fabricate and prepare four portions of a finished product based on the following main course categories. Competitors have 15 minutes for set-up, 60 minutes to fabricate and cook, 10 additional minutes for plating and 15 minutes for clean-up. Of the four portions prepared, three are for judges' tasting and one is for display/critique. Competitors will be required to use one of the following Minor's product in their dish: Fire Roasted Jalapeno, Fire Roasted Pablano, Red Chili Abodo Competitors are required to submit 6 menu packets with color photo and all recipes. Competitors must release their recipes to be used by Nestle Foodservice, Minor's Division.
Lead Judge: Raimund W. Hofmeister, CMC, AAC -

Download iCalendar file for this competition October 25–26, 2014 ACF Columbus Chapter

Show Site: Columbus Culinary Institute, Columbus, OH
Show Chair: Joel O'Donnell, CEC -
Telephone: (514) 306-5082
Categories: A, D, SA, SD, F1-2, F5-6, K1-9, SK1 - SK9
Lead Judge: Stafford DeCambra, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC

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