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The Beef Information Centre

The Beef Information Centre

310-6715 8th Street N.E.
Calgary, AB T2E 7H7

Marty Carpenter, Director of Market Development
(403) 275-5890, ext. 303

The Beef Information Centre is your resource for information, industry contact and proactive marketing assistance when it comes to Canadian beef.

Canadian beef has a strong supply relationship with the U.S. foodservice industry for decades; this has been build on its ability to supply a high quality consistent beef product due in large part to our systems based approach in beef production, food safety and quality grading.

Given Canada’s proximity to major U.S. markets, Canada has evolved into the largest importer of high quality grain feed beef to the US. “It is the recognition of our stringent grading systems that has really stuck a cord with the chefs we work with,” says Marty Carpenter, Director of Market Development for the Beef Information Centre. “The more chefs understand what we do in Canada to eliminate inconstancies such as dark cutters, yellow fat and poor muscling, the more appreciation is built for beef from Canada,” says Carpenter. For chefs, beef consistency is of critical importance to the great guest experience they are working to maintain. The Beef Information Centre is there to help build the understanding, and direct marketing programs are available to help grow sales and opportunity. We would like to invite conference participants to learn more at our seminars and visit us during the trade events.

We welcome the opportunity to help chefs learn more about the opportunity that Canadian beef can provide.

For more information on how we can help get Canadian beef working for you, please contact Marty Carpenter at, or call (403) 275-5890, ext. 303.

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