Colorado Potato Administrative Committee Profile

Colorado Potato Administrative Committee

Colorado Potato Administrative Committee

PO Box 348
Monte Vista, CO 81144

Linda Weyers, Assistant Director
(719) 852-3322

The Colorado Potato Administrative Committee (CPAC) was founded in 1941 with the key goal of organizing the then more than 175 Colorado Potato Growers and Colorado Potato Shippers throughout Colorado under a common purpose and industry. Self-regulation and quality standards, production practice management, legislation, marketing, and research funding are some of the key functions of CPAC.

Colorado is ranked in the top five potato producing areas in the United States, both in acres planted and production. Colorado is the #2 fresh potato shipper in the country.

While other areas profit from processing, Colorado pursues fresh varieties that bring profits to retail and food service departments. In fact, we have introduced over 100 potato varieties since 1875! Our renowned potato breeding program constantly develops new varieties that meet the needs of a changing marketplace. This commitment to innovation and excellence is supported by state and Federal inspection systems that ensure the highest safety and sanitation compliance.

We are well aware that in today’s marketplace having a superior product is not enough. Beyond the outward beauty of our region and our potatoes, there is our attractive customer commitment. Our long-standing reputation and experience shipping throughout North America and Mexico work to your benefit.

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