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Sea Watch International

Sea Watch International

8978 Glebe Park Drive
Easton, MD 21601

(410) 822-7500
Fax: (410) 822-1266

Sea Watch International is turning 30 this year. 2008 marks the 30th anniversary of our inception back in 1978. As generally happens when one reaches a milestone you tend to evaluate the past and reassess the future. We are proud of our heritage and the role we have played in becoming a leader of the domestic offshore clam industry. We continually look for more ways to improve our product offerings to the market. In celebration of our anniversary we are taking every opportunity to educate the trade about the sustainability of our resource and the great nutritional value of Clams—protein perfected.

You can reach us through our extensive national broker network or learn more about us at You will find great alternative recipes there as well as our high protein, low fat nutritional information. If you feel inspired, join our Clam Crew while you are at it.

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