Cranberry Hazelnut Bread

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Credit: Chris Wadnola, Chef/Co-owner, Fred's Place; Lake Katrine, N.Y.
The National Culinary Review, July/August 2014

From the Chef

“Whole-wheat sour is housemade sourdough culture that is fed three times daily with organic whole-wheat flour and water. Start with a combination of flour, water and yeast. After about 3 weeks of feeding daily, sour should be at an acceptable pH level.”


8 lbs., 8 oz., unbleached bread flour
1 lb. whole-wheat sour
3 lbs., 8 oz., water
Pinch yeast
2¾ oz. salt
1 lb., 4 oz., dried cranberries
1 lb. toasted hazelnuts
Pinch black pepper


1) Mix bread flour, whole-wheat sour and water until just combined; let stand 20-30 minutes to form gluten. Add yeast on low speed; mix 5 minutes. On second speed, for a total of 5 minutes: mix 2 minutes, add salt; mix 2 minutes, add cranberries, hazelnuts and black pepper; mix 1 minute.

2) Proof dough for 1-1½ hours. During proofing, fold dough over several times to degas. Proof for an additional 3-3½ hours, until dough doubles in size. Cut dough to desired weights; shape to desired size. Bake at 475°F for 20-25 minutes, or until outside is golden-brown.


Bread/Pastry, Vegetarian

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