Prehispanic Huazontles

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Jorge H. Ramirez

“Huazontles (bold hair) is an herb from the AMARANTO family. Very high on protein, at one point it was for the Aztecs the 4 most cultivated crop, after the Corn and the Chia. It has a unique flavor slightly bitter by the end, But it mix well with the tomato sauce and the aromatic bay leaves. It is one of the dishes that has to be eaten like finger food. In order to combine the flavors, the way to eat it is by ripping off a tortilla piece and pinch one of the sprigs by separating them from the bunch, dip it in the sauce and enjoy. It is an art the way you pull the grains from the stick of the huazontle”


2 lbs fresh huazontles
8 oz quezo fresco
1 lb roma tomatoes
1 tsp fresh minced garlic
2 oz julianne white onions
3 ea bay leaves
1 tsp kosher salt
1/8 tsp White pepper
1 qt water
8 oz canola oil.
2 oz sweet cream.
6 ea cilantri sprigs

5 ea whole eggs(separate the whites from the yolk)
1 cup allpurpose flour
1 tsp kosher salt


For the huazontles (Vegetal that belongs to the Amaranto family.)
1.- wash the huazontles in cold water to take out the dirth.
2.- cut the huazontle in sprigs of 4 " long. (you can do this by separating the sprigs) blanch the huazontles for 4 minutes in a boiling water take it out and shocked on ice water to maintain nice green color. keep it a side and dry.
2.- on a small mixer add the egg whites mixed for 6 minutes untill make a foamy merenge concistency, fold in the egg yolks in to the merenge.
keep it aside.
3.-arrange the items to coat the huazontles like (chile relleno style)
make 6 oz amounts of huazontle in a tray add 1.5 oz quezo fresco 1/2"square by 3 " long. place it in the center of the huazontle. rolled and cover the cheese with the huazontle sprigs
4.- dip in the huazontles on the merenge and place it on the saute pan with the canola oil on a medium flame.cook it for two muinutes on each side.
4.- take it out of the oil allowe to drain oil exces on a pice of papper towel.

for the sauce:
1.- rinse the tomatos in a cold water, take the core out and cut it on a roughly dice.
2.- place it in a blender add fresh garli sal and pepper.
in a saute pan ple 2 oz canola oil, to a smoking point.
3.- add the juliane onions saute for about 2 minutes. add the tomato puree and bay leaves. bring it to a boil, simmered for ten more minutes allowed the bay leaves to releasethe flavor. finish it with 1tb corn starch and 1 oz water. to get a more thiner consitency.

On a dinner plate place two oz. tomato sauce.
on the center place the huazontle. drizle with a sweet cream lines garnish with a cilantro sprig.
enjoy it .

PSD: acompained with corn tortillas cooked straight on the flame .


6 servings


Main Dish, Salad

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