Corn Chowder

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Credit: Jan Javorick

From the Chef

John J. Griffin, CEC, CEPC

“It is not hard to find good corn recipes in our area. As you travel the state, pretty much what you see are corn, hay, and soybeans forever. A little of that corn is the sweetest corn in the country.

“This soup may be made gentle, as in the recipe below, or you may add your own hot spices, or curries, for a signature taste.”


1 pound Green peppers, diced
2 pounds Celery, diced
2 pounds Onion, diced
4 oz Vermont Butter
8 oz A/P Flour
1 gallon Stock, chicken or vegetable
1 pound Red potatoes, w/ skin, diced
12 ears Sweet Corn
2 quarts Whole Milk
2 oz Vermont Butter
2 oz A/P Flour


Sweat the vegetables in the butter or margarine, or pork fat (see Jan’s note below). Add the flour to make a roux, careful to keep it white.

Add the warm (not hot) stock to the cooled vegetable roux, and slowly bring to a simmer, making sure the vegetables don’t stick to the pan.

Boil or roast the ears of corn, in their husks, for about 12 minutes. When cool, shuck the ears, and cut the corn off of the cob.

In a separate pan, make a thinnish Bechamel sauce with the milk, butter, and flour. Add the potatoes, and corn, to the soup, and bring to one boil. This should be enough to cook the potato cubes. Add the Béchamel, bring to one boil, and correct the seasonings.

Jan Javorick's Chef note - It is much more tasty to render salt pork, and use this in all parts of the recipe instead of the butter or margarine. Pork Fat Rules!


2 gallons, or 20 servings


Soup, Vegetarian

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