Sauté de Veau Provençal with Grilled Crimini Mushrooms

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Credit: Rene Macary, La Rive Restaurant

From the Chef

John J. Griffin, CEC, CEPC

“This is a variation on a great recipe from La Rive Restaurant in Catskill, NY. It is called a sauté, even though it is a braised item, due to the browning of the veal. Each side of each piece of veal needs to be browned in very hot oil, hot enough for them to “sauté”, which is French for “jump”. If each side is browned, a new taste arises, which is kept in great balance by the garlic, tomatoes, and aromatics added to the sauce. This can be a very very profitable dish.”


4 pounds Plume de Veau Veal eye round
4 oz Olive oil
3 oz Garlic, thin sliced
2 oz Shallots, sliced
8 oz Good white wine
1 oz Parsley, minced
1 each Sachet (dried savory herbs, such as thyme and marjoram)
3 pounds Fresh Roma Tomatoes
2 quarts Plume de Veau Demi Glace
2 oz Arrowroot
2 pounds Fresh Crimini Mushrooms


Trim every bit of sinew and silverskin from the tougher parts of a veal leg. Cut into large pieces, always more than 1 ½” cubes, much larger if possible. You'll only use 3 or 4 per order. The eye round, or bottom round are best to use, as they will furnish the largest cubes of meat from the leg.

Sauté the veal very hot, making sure that every side of the cubes are well browned. Remove from pan.

Reduce the heat, and add the garlic. Sweat lightly, and add the shallots. When they are both transparent, and just starting to brown, add the parsley, and then deglaze with the white wine, reducing by half.

Peel the tomatoes by plunging in boiling water for 10 seconds, and then shocking in ice water. Squeeze out the seeds, and add to the sauce.

Add the demi-glace, and season lightly. When boiled once, replace the veal cubes in the pan, and bring to one boil, skim the surface. Lower the heat to a simmer, and cook until the veal is just done.

Remove the veal from the sauce. Bring the sauce to a boil, and reduce until it is of fine flavor. Thicken very slightly with a slurry of arrowroot and white wine. The sauce should be rather thin.

Season the sauce lightly, and replace the veal into the sauce. Bring to another boil, skim, and pour into a suitable container of stainless steel. Allow to sit for at least one day before reheating.

Take two pounds of Crimini mushrooms, and wash well. Dry as good as you can. Sprinkle lightly with some salt, and then toss in olive oil. Allow to sit for about 15 minutes. Grill on a very hot char-grill, or sauté brown in a very hot pan, only a few at a time. Unless the heat is very high, the mushrooms will not brown sufficiently.

Add the mushrooms to the sauce at the very end, after thickening with arrowroot. Alternatively, use the mushrooms as a garnish on the reheated dish. Allow the recipe to sit at least a day before reheating.


12 servings


Main Dish

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