Pan Seared Pork Tenderloin with Maple Peppercorn Glaze

Pan Seared Pork Tenderloin with Maple Peppercorn Glaze

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John J. Griffin, CEC, CEPC

“This recipe is a uses a very simple concentration of maple flavor. Maple syrup, even dark end of year syrup, does have a very subtle flavor which can get lost in most recipe; concentrating the maple flavor, by reduction, or roasting, creates a delicious sauce that blends with many more dynamic flavors.”


6 each Pork Tenderloins
1 oz Fresh Rosemary
8 oz Pure NY Maple Syrup
12 oz Demi Glace
1 oz Whole Black Peppercorns
2 oz Garlic
3 pounds New York Chef Potatoes
8 oz Cabot AA Butter
16 oz Whole Milk
24 oz New York Snipped Green Beans


Rub the tenderloins with a very little pure maple syrup, a very small amount of salt, and some chopped fresh rosemary. Cover and allow to sit a few hours or overnight. Crack the whole peppercorns under a heavy sauce pan, and lightly coat the pork chops.

In a large saute pan, sear the tenderloin until well browned all over. Place the pork in an oven proof pan, and move to a hot oven. Cover loosely with foil, and roast until just barely done.

Remove the tenderloin from the pan, and deglaze the pan with a little stock. Add some pure maple syrup, and the demi glaze. Bring to a good boil, and correct the consistency and seasonings. Slice the tenderloin, not too thin, and arrange over garlic mashed potatoes, or pasta, or rice. Drizzle with sauce, and add a sprig of fresh rosemary. Saute the whole green beans, after they've been blanched, and arrange around the plate.


6 servings


Main Dish, Pork

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