Maple Gelato

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From the Chef

John J. Griffin, CEC, CEPC

“This dish is a gift from me to you. This may be the best tasting maple dish ever. You won’t like me when the maple is boiling all over your stove, but it’s worth the effort”


1 Quart Pure NY Maple Syrup
1 Quart Heavy Cream


In a large heavy sauce pan, reduce the maple syrup by two thirds, so that it is a very thick heavy syrup. Use a large sauce pan, as this will foam up if you don’t watch it very carefully. I said, you have to watch it every minute for the 20 minutes you are cooking it, or it will end up on the stove, the floor, and on your shoes. Once it starts to boil and foam, it will not stop.

When the syrup is well reduced, take it off the heat, and allow it to cool just a little, to say 180 degrees, and pour in the heavy cream, whipping the whole time. Pour this into a shallow stainless steel container, and put in the freezer when it is at room temperature. That’s it, that’s the whole recipe.

This product has many uses. It can be scraped with a spoon for a delicious frozen gelato. It may be heated lightly for use like a chocolate ganache. It can be a flavoring to add an intense delicious maple flavor to cakes, cupcakes or any type of dessert. It can be used to fill in little Filo cup. And, it is a locally produced New York product.



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