Creek Indian Tacos

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From the Chef

Christopher L. Rolin

“This fry bread recipe has been handed down through generations of Poarch Creek Indians and continues to be a staple in every Native American home.”


For the meat
5lbs Ground Beef
1 package of Taco Seasoning
Head of Iceberg Lettuce
3 Tomatoes I prefer to use Roma's but any kind is good.

For the Fry Bread
1/2 Gallon Buttermilk
4 cups Flour


Begin by placing flour in a mixing bowl. Clear out a hole in the center of the flour. Pour a little of the buttermilk in the center and slowly mix the flour in a little at a time using your hands. A dough will begin to form. Continue kneading it until it forms an almost biscuit like consistency. Pinch off a ball and roll out flat about 1/2 inch thick. Drop in grease and fry. For the meat just brown the hamburger meat and add seasoning or any other spices you like. Top fry bread with beef or chicken or whatever you choose. Lettuce, tomato etc. This recipe is really about the bread.


10-15 servings


Beef, Main Dish, Side

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